Top Personal & Household Products & Services stocks in Japan

Manufacturers of non-durable household goods, personal products and providers of personal services.

Market Cap
Price to Earnings
Dividend Yield
jp flag icon8113Unicharm¥3tn44.820.73%
jp flag icon4452Kao¥3tn36.172.67%
jp flag icon4911Shiseido Co¥2tn135.291.04%
jp flag icon4922Kose¥623bn31.021.28%
jp flag icon4967Kobayashi Pharmaceutical Co¥516bn24.081.4%
jp flag icon4912Lion¥418bn25.991.77%
jp flag icon4927Pola Orbis Holdings¥401bn40.522.87%
jp flag icon8283Paltac¥301bn15.491.71%
jp flag icon4921Fancl¥278bn44.851.48%
jp flag icon7956Pigeon¥203bn21.264.47%
jp flag icon4928Noevir Holdings Co¥183bn23.874.01%
jp flag icon9783Benesse Holdings¥177bn13.83.27%
jp flag icon4665Duskin Co¥157bn21.592.7%
jp flag icon4919Milbon Co¥138bn28.042.03%
jp flag icon4985Earth¥111bn28.232.36%
jp flag icon2928Rizap¥101bnn/an/a
jp flag icon2733Arata¥98bn11.092.37%
jp flag icon4917Mandom¥63bn32.712.73%
jp flag icon7806MTG Co¥60bn23.290.66%
jp flag icon6630Ya-Man¥56bn14.990.83%