Top Communications & Networking stocks in Japan

Manufacturers of telecommunications equipment such as modems, cable decoders, carrier switches, fiber cable, wireless and satellite communication equipment.

Market Cap
Price to Earnings
Dividend Yield
jp flag icon9435Hikari Tsushin¥1tn10.991.97%
jp flag icon6736Sun¥100bnn/a0.89%
jp flag icon6703Oki Electric Industry Co¥92bn3.472.82%
jp flag icon6814Furuno Electric Co¥76bn12.142.5%
jp flag icon6741Nippon Signal Co¥65bn11.342.98%
jp flag icon6718Aiphone Co¥50bn10.624.22%
jp flag icon6820Icom¥46bn13.253.04%
jp flag icon6742Kyosan Electric Manufacturing Co¥43bn12.452.92%
jp flag icon6946Nippon Avionics Co¥39bn17.820.26%
jp flag icon6809TOA (Hyogo)¥32bn16.993.72%
jp flag icon6706DKK Co¥21bnn/a2.76%
jp flag icon4439Toumei Co¥18bn14.960.52%
jp flag icon6675SAXA¥15bn5.35.2%
jp flag icon6835Allied Telesis Holdings KK¥11bn16.111.01%
jp flag icon6659Media Links Co¥11bnn/an/a
jp flag icon7505Fuso Dentsu Co¥10bn8.051.13%
jp flag icon6930Nippon Antenna Co¥8bnn/an/a
jp flag icon6748Seiwa Electric Mfg Co¥8bn8.563.13%
jp flag icon5133Terilogy Holdings¥6bn25.721.3%
jp flag icon1992Kanda Tsushinki Co¥6bn10.52.7%