Top Semiconductors & Semiconductor Equipment stocks in Japan

Designers and manufacturers of semiconductors, as well as producers of testing and manufacturing equipment for semiconductor manufacturers.

Market Cap
Price to Earnings
Dividend Yield
jp flag icon6871Micronics Japan Co¥149bn30.721.53%
jp flag icon2760Tokyo Electron Device¥144bn14.732.72%
jp flag icon6961Enplas¥119bn22.610.44%
jp flag icon8140Ryosan Co¥115bn14.023.07%
jp flag icon6787Meiko Electronics Co¥111bn13.491.27%
jp flag icon7433Hakuto Co¥102bn13.495.52%
jp flag icon8155Mimasu Semiconductor Industry Co¥89bn11.622.3%
jp flag icon6590Shibaura Mechatronics¥85bn8.712.9%
jp flag icon3156Restar Holdings¥81bn12.64.8%
jp flag icon6875MegaChips¥78bn23.31.18%
jp flag icon3445RS Technologies Co¥76bn9.460.52%
jp flag icon8068Ryoyo Electro¥76bn10.63.74%
jp flag icon6627Tera Probe¥56bn17.80.88%
jp flag icon6266Tazmo Co¥54bn20.990.51%
jp flag icon6697Techpoint¥51bn9.775.39%
jp flag icon7467Hagiwara Electric Holdings Co¥48bn8.343.93%
jp flag icon6958CMK¥43bn24.821.16%
jp flag icon6918Aval Data¥41bn9.643.71%
jp flag icon8141Shinko Shoji Co¥39bn8.465.58%
jp flag icon7537Marubun¥39bn6.635.69%