Top Technology stocks in Sweden

Manufacturers of semiconductors, communications equipment, computer hardware and technology related office equipment, as well as providers of consulting and IT services.

Market Cap
Price to Earnings
Dividend Yield
se flag iconTDVOXTobii Dynavox ABSEK6.40bn60.18n/a
se flag iconDUSTDustin ABSEK6.00bn19.69n/a
se flag iconLIMELime Technologies AB (publ)SEK5.19bn60.20.9%
se flag iconKNOWKnowit AB (publ)SEK5.15bn24.422.76%
se flag iconNOTENote AB (publ)SEK4.42bn14.78n/a
se flag iconPACTProact IT ABSEK3.71bn19.571.46%
se flag iconSEYESmart Eye AB (publ)SEK3.59bnn/an/a
se flag iconEPENEpendion ABSEK3.57bn18.360.81%
se flag iconCINTCint AB (publ)SEK3.26bnn/an/a
se flag iconM8GMGI Media & Games Invest SESEK3.15bn6.35n/a
se flag iconBHGBHG ABSEK2.93bnn/an/a
se flag iconPRFOProfoto Holding AB (publ)SEK2.85bn22.715.27%
se flag iconHANZAHanza ABSEK2.73bn12.641.92%
se flag iconACASTAcast AB (publ)SEK2.54bnn/an/a
se flag iconEWRKeWork ABSEK2.45bn19.664.93%
se flag iconEXSExsitec Holding ABSEK2.35bn29.281.01%
se flag iconIAR BIAR Systems ABSEK2.30bn91.270.87%
se flag iconSIGNUPSignup Software ABSEK2.33bn186.620.24%
se flag iconOVZONOvzon AB (publ)SEK2.20bnn/an/a
se flag iconNETI BNet Insight ABSEK1.86bn28.73n/a