Top Construction & Engineering stocks in Sweden

Builders and engineers that undertake commercial building, civil engineering, utility and other industrial plant construction projects. Includes builders of transportation infrastructure, dam and water works, as well as hotel, office buildings. Also includes manufacturers of heavy machinery for permanent installation.

Market Cap
Price to Earnings
Dividend Yield
se flag iconSKA BSkanska ABSEK73.94bn9.264.17%
se flag iconSWEC BSweco AB (publ)SEK36.81bn20.822.64%
se flag iconSWEC ASweco AB (publ)SEK36.81bn20.882.63%
se flag iconBRAVBravida Holding ABSEK16.52bn12.524.03%
se flag iconPEAB BPeab ABSEK12.93bn5.368.89%
se flag iconNCC BNcc ABSEK11.61bn8.935.07%
se flag iconNCC ANcc ABSEK11.61bn8.985.04%
se flag iconINSTALInstalco ABSEK8.50bn16.192.03%
se flag iconSDIP BSdiptech AB (publ)SEK4.61bn18.271.81%
se flag iconGREENGreen Landscaping AB (publ)SEK3.82bn17.68n/a
se flag iconFGFasadgruppen AB (publ)SEK2.86bn10.562.95%
se flag iconEOLU BEolus Vind AB (publ)SEK2.00bn4.561.87%
se flag iconVESTUMVestum AB (publ)SEK1.69bn10.18n/a
se flag iconNORB BNordisk Bergteknik AB (publ)SEK1.60bn11.13.58%
se flag iconTEBEDE ATebede ABSEK1.25bn191.371.1%
se flag iconTEBEDE TO1 ATebede ABSEK1.25bn6.3133.33%
se flag iconSRNKE BSERNEKE AB (publ)SEK948.94mn/an/a
se flag iconBALCOBalco ABSEK889.52m10.61.85%
se flag iconBYGGPByggPartner Gruppen AB (publ)SEK612.97mn/an/a
se flag iconNETELNetel Holding AB (publ)SEK366.39m5.95n/a