Top Construction & Engineering stocks in Italy

Builders and engineers that undertake commercial building, civil engineering, utility and other industrial plant construction projects. Includes builders of transportation infrastructure, dam and water works, as well as hotel, office buildings. Also includes manufacturers of heavy machinery for permanent installation.

Market Cap
Price to Earnings
Dividend Yield
it flag iconWBDWebuild SpA€1.87bn64.573.03%
it flag iconSCFSalcef SpA€1.48bn35.52.07%
it flag iconMAIREMaire Tecnimont SpA€1.44bn15.072.82%
it flag iconRWYReway SpA€130.21m12.97n/a
it flag iconABPAzienda Bresciana Petroli Nocivelli SpA€118.76m11.211.26%
it flag iconEDACEdiliziacrobatica SpA€113.57m13.499.49%
it flag iconSEBSebino SpA€96.77m14.1n/a
it flag iconTFINTrevi Finanziaria Industriale SpA€79.92m2.92n/a
it flag iconIBIniziative Bresciane Inbre SpA€75.45m23.441.1%
it flag iconAUTMEAutostrade Meridionali SpA€65.63m745.9n/a
it flag iconESFEdil San Felice SpA Societa Benefit€49.28m6.98n/a
it flag iconLASIALa Sia SpA€47.88m21.28n/a
it flag iconCMLComal SpA€38.30m9.12n/a
it flag iconECMBEcomembrane SpA€33.49m18.42n/a
it flag iconDBADBA SpA€19.45m4.94n/a
it flag iconFCHFranchetti SpA€13.97m11.220.29%
it flag iconESIGMESI SpA€12.87mn/an/a
it flag iconAGAAgatos SpA€4.87mn/an/a