Top Construction & Engineering stocks in Japan

Builders and engineers that undertake commercial building, civil engineering, utility and other industrial plant construction projects. Includes builders of transportation infrastructure, dam and water works, as well as hotel, office buildings. Also includes manufacturers of heavy machinery for permanent installation.

Market Cap
Price to Earnings
Dividend Yield
jp flag icon1812Kajima¥1tn11.22.78%
jp flag icon1802Obayashi¥1tn13.533.01%
jp flag icon1801Taisei¥999bn28.482.44%
jp flag icon1803Shimizu¥776bn20.031.99%
jp flag icon1963JGC Holdings¥527bn17.951.74%
jp flag icon1944Kinden¥446bn15.261.83%
jp flag icon5076Infroneer Holdings¥408bn9.863.39%
jp flag icon1721Comsys Holdings¥387bn18.143.12%
jp flag icon1951EXEO¥335bn14.063.23%
jp flag icon1959Kyudenko¥320bn11.032.44%
jp flag icon1414Sho-Bond Holdings Co¥310bn24.042.07%
jp flag icon1942Kandenko Co¥275bn11.932.38%
jp flag icon1893Penta-Ocean Construction Co¥264bn107.752.59%
jp flag icon1860Toda¥259bn18.453.23%
jp flag icon5393Nichias¥204bn8.632.99%
jp flag icon1719Hazama Ando¥197bn14.293.18%
jp flag icon1969Takasago Thermal Engineering Co¥193bn12.852.16%
jp flag icon1417Mirait One¥192bn11.832.97%
jp flag icon1833Okumura¥173bn14.574.75%
jp flag icon1979Taikisha¥155bn12.562.6%