Top Professional & Commercial Services stocks in Japan

Providers of environmental, employment, business support, professional information, and commercial printing services and supplies.

Market Cap
Price to Earnings
Dividend Yield
jp flag icon6098Recruit Holdings Co¥7tn26.050.48%
jp flag icon9735Secom Co¥2tn20.11.81%
jp flag icon7911Toppan¥1tn15.891.27%
jp flag icon7912Dai Nippon Printing Co¥1tn9.211.63%
jp flag icon6532BayCurrent Consulting¥753bn32.710.75%
jp flag icon3769GMO Payment Gateway¥608bn45.40.98%
jp flag icon6370Kurita Water Industries¥585bn27.921.5%
jp flag icon2331Sohgo Security Services Co¥464bn16.821.88%
jp flag icon6028TechnoPro Holdings¥351bn22.942.29%
jp flag icon4483JMDC¥342bn63.240.22%
jp flag icon4194Visional¥288bn29.31n/a
jp flag icon7984Kokuyo Co¥258bn13.782.58%
jp flag icon2127Nihon M&A Center Holdings¥234bn28.073.19%
jp flag icon2175SMS CO¥216bn27.810.61%
jp flag icon7994Okamura¥214bn11.12.43%
jp flag icon9744Meitec¥211bn17.013.79%
jp flag icon9336Daiei Kankyo Co¥210bn17.31.62%
jp flag icon2379DIP¥206bn24.811.94%
jp flag icon7846Pilot¥204bn12.591.94%
jp flag icon6544Japan Elevator Service Holdings Co¥199bn55.890.76%