Top Professional & Commercial Services stocks in Korea, Republic of

Providers of environmental, employment, business support, professional information, and commercial printing services and supplies.

Market Cap
Price to Earnings
Dividend Yield
kr flag icon003550LGKR₩13tn12.683.57%
kr flag icon051600KEPCO Plant Service & Engineering CoKR₩2tn10.633.9%
kr flag icon383310Ecopro HN CoKR₩1tn25.890.82%
kr flag icon030190Nice Information Service CoKR₩608bn11.953.63%
kr flag icon011930Shinsung E&G CoKR₩468bn10.11n/a
kr flag icon034950Korea RatingsKR₩353bn18.548.19%
kr flag icon060150Insun Environmental New Technology CoKR₩353bn17.56n/a
kr flag icon101360Eco&Dream CoKR₩347bnn/an/a
kr flag icon029960Koentec CoKR₩343bn9.417.08%
kr flag icon025770Korea Information & Communications CoKR₩321bn10.69n/a
kr flag icon382800GnBS Eco CoKR₩275bn18.23n/a
kr flag icon016800FursysKR₩262bn6.263.77%
kr flag icon130660Korea Electronic Power Industrial Development CoKR₩256bn15.642.9%
kr flag icon143240Saramin CoKR₩238bn10.313.2%
kr flag icon064260Danal CoKR₩230bn33.42n/a
kr flag icon030960YangjisaKR₩224bnn/a0.31%
kr flag icon046440KG Mobilians CoKR₩200bn9.174.07%
kr flag icon095570AJ Networks CoKR₩192bn31.586.38%
kr flag icon067280MulticampusKR₩191bn6.032.49%
kr flag icon016710Daesung Holdings CoKR₩184bnn/a2.19%