Top Professional & Commercial Services stocks in Poland

Providers of environmental, employment, business support, professional information, and commercial printing services and supplies.

Market Cap
Price to Earnings
Dividend Yield
pl flag iconBFTBenefit Systems SAPLN5.24bn18.822.3%
pl flag iconGPPGrupa Pracuj SAPLN4.00bn23.262.56%
pl flag iconMBRMo-Bruk SAPLN932.28m9.0111.67%
pl flag iconOBLOrzel Bialy SAPLN532.82m5.2n/a
pl flag iconBSTBest SAPLN461.97m13.65n/a
pl flag iconMCRMercor SAPLN395.99m9.755.92%
pl flag iconFHDFundusz Hipoteczny Dom SAPLN128.80mn/an/a
pl flag iconGIGGi Poland SAPLN120.00mn/an/a
pl flag iconVINGielda Praw Majatkowych Vindexus SAPLN100.62m2.382.89%
pl flag iconSESSescom SAPLN85.25m81568.63n/a
pl flag iconDBEDB Energy SAPLN81.00m8.22n/a
pl flag iconPTWPolskie Towarzystwo Wspierania Przedsiebiorczosci SAPLN73.00m9.989.59%
pl flag iconHLDHollywood SAPLN66.08m25.45n/a
pl flag iconTLOTelesto SAPLN65.60mn/an/a
pl flag iconMPYmPay SAPLN61.00m348.08n/a
pl flag iconLABLabo Print SAPLN57.56m5.181.99%
pl flag iconRMKRemak Energomontaz SAPLN42.30m18.54n/a
pl flag iconGTSGeotrans SAPLN36.70m18.05n/a
pl flag iconBLTBalticon SAPLN36.02m32.61.47%
pl flag iconYOSYoshi Innovation SAPLN28.66mn/an/a