Top Machinery, Equipment & Components stocks in Japan

Manufacturers of industrial, construction, agricultural and electrical machinery, equipment & components, and shipbuilding.

Market Cap
Price to Earnings
Dividend Yield
jp flag icon6861Keyence¥13tn36.440.54%
jp flag icon6367Daikin Industries¥7tn21.631.02%
jp flag icon6273SMC¥4tn21.521.35%
jp flag icon6301Komatsu¥4tn11.123.33%
jp flag icon6594Nidec¥4tn56.411.03%
jp flag icon6201Toyota Industries¥4tn17.751.6%
jp flag icon6954Fanuc¥4tn22.792.77%
jp flag icon6971Kyocera¥3tn23.332.66%
jp flag icon6326Kubota¥3tn13.692.06%
jp flag icon6762TDK¥2tn22.081.96%
jp flag icon6506Yaskawa Electric¥1tn26.521.19%
jp flag icon6645Omron¥1tn17.041.48%
jp flag icon6383Daifuku Co¥1tn23.471.3%
jp flag icon6586Makita¥1tn81.880.56%
jp flag icon6504Fuji Electric Co¥975bn14.951.68%
jp flag icon6305Hitachi Construction Machinery Co¥973bn11.722.4%
jp flag icon6841Yokogawa Electric¥767bn12.071.18%
jp flag icon6465Hoshizaki¥763bn24.851.33%
jp flag icon9962Misumi¥660bn21.751.29%
jp flag icon6361Ebara¥650bn12.042.92%