Top Passenger Transportation Services stocks in Japan

Providers of transportation services to passengers via air, ground and sea.

Market Cap
Price to Earnings
Dividend Yield
jp flag icon9022Central Japan Railway Co¥4tn13.550.74%
jp flag icon9020East Japan Railway Co¥3tn28.851.17%
jp flag icon9021West Japan Railway Co¥2tn22.772.02%
jp flag icon9202ANA Holdings¥1tn13.93n/a
jp flag icon9201Japan Airlines Co¥1tn16.490.86%
jp flag icon9042Hankyu Hanshin Holdings¥1tn18.210.98%
jp flag icon9005Tokyu¥1tn24.690.87%
jp flag icon9009Keisei Electric Railway Co¥868bn31.310.39%
jp flag icon9007Odakyu Electric Railway Co¥812bn40.520.94%
jp flag icon9041Kintetsu group Co¥806bn14.321.18%
jp flag icon9001Tobu Railway Co¥794bn18.910.65%
jp flag icon9008Keio¥628bn31.330.78%
jp flag icon9142Kyushu Railway Co¥499bn14.512.93%
jp flag icon9048Nagoya Railroad Co¥434bn20.620.91%
jp flag icon9024Seibu Holdings¥433bn11.811.74%
jp flag icon9045Keihan Holdings Co¥425bn30.320.76%
jp flag icon9006Keikyu¥350bn32.630.87%
jp flag icon9044Nankai Electric Railway Co¥329bn20.90.86%
jp flag icon9003Sotetsu Holdings¥288bn26.520.85%
jp flag icon9031Nishi-Nippon Railroad Co¥196bn10.11.41%