Top Transport Infrastructure stocks in Japan

Owners and operators of highways, rail tracks, airports, and marine ports.

Market Cap
Price to Earnings
Dividend Yield
jp flag icon9706Japan Airport Terminal Co¥599bn224.640.25%
jp flag icon4666Park24 Co¥329bn20.81n/a
jp flag icon9301Mitsubishi Logistics¥320bn6.792.2%
jp flag icon2353NIPPON PARKING DEVELOPMENT Co¥65bn14.892.57%
jp flag icon9357Meiko Trans Co¥37bn7.742.75%
jp flag icon4809Paraca¥21bn11.892.99%
jp flag icon9359Isewan Terminal Service Co¥18bn4.412.99%
jp flag icon9377AGP¥12bn16.323.24%
jp flag icon9193Tokyo Kisen Co¥6bn21.93.09%
jp flag icon9355Rinko¥5bn12.191.78%
jp flag icon9361Fushiki Kairiku Unso Co¥4bn5.273.24%
jp flag icon9353Sakurajima Futo Kaisha¥3bn11.790.91%
jp flag icon9362Hyoki Kaiun Kaisha¥2bn6.45.52%
jp flag icon3286Trust Holdings¥2bn7.081.94%
jp flag icon9363Daiun Co¥2bn6.92.44%
jp flag icon5530Japan Systembank¥2bn5.731.85%