Top Construction & Engineering stocks in Taiwan

Builders and engineers that undertake commercial building, civil engineering, utility and other industrial plant construction projects. Includes builders of transportation infrastructure, dam and water works, as well as hotel, office buildings. Also includes manufacturers of heavy machinery for permanent installation.

Market Cap
Price to Earnings
Dividend Yield
tw flag icon2404United Integrated Services CoTWD42.86bn8.756.56%
tw flag icon9958Century Iron And Steel Industrial CoTWD42.55bn161.270.27%
tw flag icon9933CTCITWD32.03bn19.764.74%
tw flag icon8926Taiwan CogenerationTWD30.01bn15.691.94%
tw flag icon6691Yankey Engineering CoTWD22.35bn12.054.41%
tw flag icon3703Continental HoldingsTWD22.19bn14.819.28%
tw flag icon6139L & K Engineering CoTWD19.96bn14.713.95%
tw flag icon2597Ruentex Engineering & Construction CoTWD18.68bn9.989.9%
tw flag icon2515BES Engineering CoTWD15.54bn265.18%
tw flag icon2013China Steel Structure CoTWD11.02bn22.863.09%
tw flag icon2535Da-Cin Construction CoTWD10.96bn8.997.41%
tw flag icon2546Kedge Construction CoTWD8.87bn7.015.27%
tw flag icon2107Formosan RubberTWD7.71bn11.845.25%
tw flag icon1535China EcotekTWD6.63bn14.25.6%
tw flag icon5519LongDa Construction & DevelopmentTWD5.00bn5.469.21%
tw flag icon8473Forest Water Environmental Eng'G CoTWD4.01bnn/an/a
tw flag icon5521Kung Sing EngineeringTWD3.72bn74.22n/a
tw flag icon5515Chien Kuo Construction CoTWD3.50bn12.37.19%
tw flag icon2509Chainqui Construction Development CoTWD3.28bnn/an/a
tw flag icon2506Pacific Construction CoTWD3.27bnn/a3.31%