Top Banking Services stocks in Switzerland

Providers of retail and commercial banking, consumer financial services and commercial loans for long-term equipment leases. Includes bank holding companies.

Market Cap
Price to Earnings
Dividend Yield
ch flag iconBAERJulius Baer Gruppe AGCH₣9.11bn8.925.84%
ch flag iconBCVNBanque Cantonale VaudoiseCH₣8.64bn20.123.78%
ch flag iconGRKPGraubuendner KantonalbankCH₣4.16bn19.292.54%
ch flag iconLUKNLuzerner Kantonalbank AGCH₣3.56bn13.21n/a
ch flag iconEFGNEFG International AGCH₣3.20bn12.044.29%
ch flag iconCSGNCredit Suisse AGCH₣3.22bn0.64n/a
ch flag iconSGKNSt Galler Kantonalbank AGCH₣2.91bn14.463.5%
ch flag iconZUGERZuger KantonalbankCH₣2.23bn21.022.84%
ch flag iconBEKNBerner Kantonalbank AGCH₣2.16bn12.854.12%
ch flag iconLLBNLiechtensteinische Landesbank AGCH₣1.96bn12.073.92%
ch flag iconCMBNCembra Money Bank AGCH₣1.90bn12.376.1%
ch flag iconBSKPBasler KantonalbankCH₣1.84bn7.484.91%
ch flag iconWKBNBanque Cantonale du ValaisCH₣1.69bn20.273.29%
ch flag iconBCGEBanque Cantonale de GeneveCH₣1.60bn8.792.44%
ch flag iconVATNValiant Holding AGCH₣1.50bn13.11n/a
ch flag iconVPBNVP Bank AGCH₣523.31m11.765.88%
ch flag iconTKBPThurgauer KantonalbankCH₣490.00m3.212.53%
ch flag iconBLKBBasellandschaftliche KantonalbankCH₣487.57mn/an/a
ch flag iconSNBNSchweizerische NationalbankCH₣420.00m0.04n/a
ch flag iconGLKBNGlarner KantonalbankCH₣307.80m11.544.82%