Top Banking Services stocks in Taiwan

Providers of retail and commercial banking, consumer financial services and commercial loans for long-term equipment leases. Includes bank holding companies.

Market Cap
Price to Earnings
Dividend Yield
tw flag icon2886Mega Financial Holding CoTWD531.14bn18.293.25%
tw flag icon2891CTBC Financial Holding CoTWD474.90bn13.094.12%
tw flag icon5880Taiwan Cooperative Financial Holding CoTWD378.03bn18.221.85%
tw flag icon2884E.Sun Financial Holding CoTWD377.07bn19.090.76%
tw flag icon2892First Financial Holding CoTWD362.98bn15.452.83%
tw flag icon5871Chailease HoldingTWD286.59bn11.23.47%
tw flag icon2880Hua Nan Financial Holdings CoTWD282.40bn14.272.85%
tw flag icon2887Taishin Financial Holding CoTWD221.47bn12.872.76%
tw flag icon2890Sinopac Financial Holdings CoTWD214.11bn11.633.33%
tw flag icon5876Shanghai Commercial & Savings BankTWD208.56bn11.554.19%
tw flag icon2801Chang Hwa Commercial BankTWD187.31bn14.933.03%
tw flag icon2834Taiwan Business BankTWD105.99bn8.940.72%
tw flag icon9941Yulon FinanceTWD98.41bn15.462.58%
tw flag icon2812Taichung Commercial Bank CoTWD77.08bn13.071.95%
tw flag icon6592Hotai Finance CoTWD74.78bn21.012.41%
tw flag icon2838Union Bank of TaiwanTWD51.02bn11.610.67%
tw flag icon2845Far Eastern International BankTWD46.80bn11.23.56%
tw flag icon2809King's Town Bank CoTWD41.00bn9.42.98%
tw flag icon2849EnTie Commercial BankTWD27.31bnn/a2.87%
tw flag icon2897O Bank CoTWD26.00bn5.363.99%