Top Banking Services stocks in United Kingdom

Providers of retail and commercial banking, consumer financial services and commercial loans for long-term equipment leases. Includes bank holding companies.

Market Cap
Price to Earnings
Dividend Yield
gb flag iconHSBAHSBC Holdings£117.82bn5.934.49%
gb flag iconLLOYLloyds Banking£28.89bn6.085.43%
gb flag iconLLD1Lloyds Banking$35.93bn1310715.590%
gb flag iconNWGNatwest£27.36bn5.065.3%
gb flag iconBARCBarclays£23.53bn4.653.3%
gb flag iconSTANStandard Chartered£17.86bn7.940.51%
gb flag iconOSBOsb£2.10bn5.286.17%
gb flag iconVMUKVirgin Money UK£2.02bn4.147.29%
gb flag iconBGEOBank of Georgia£1.40bn4.448.11%
gb flag iconCBGClose Brothers£1.36bn17.317.33%
gb flag iconTBCGTBC Bank£1.26bn4.093.37%
gb flag iconPAGParagon Banking£1.10bn3.865.89%
gb flag iconTCSTCS Holding$857.69m0.82n/a
gb flag iconVANQVanquis Banking£550.91m5.367.05%
gb flag iconSUSS&U£303.77m9.015.32%
gb flag iconIPFInternational Personal Finance£248.68m3.878.29%
gb flag iconFCHFunding Circle Holdings£195.10mn/an/a
gb flag iconHATH & T£180.66m6.913.64%
gb flag iconMTROMetro Bank Holdings£173.48mn/an/a
gb flag iconARBBArbuthnot Banking£153.00m9.544.48%