Top Banking Services stocks in Korea, Republic of

Providers of retail and commercial banking, consumer financial services and commercial loans for long-term equipment leases. Includes bank holding companies.

Market Cap
Price to Earnings
Dividend Yield
kr flag icon105560KB FinancialKR₩22tn5.155.23%
kr flag icon055550Shinhan Financial CoKR₩19tn4.546.14%
kr flag icon086790Hana FinancialKR₩13tn3.58.5%
kr flag icon323410KakaoBankKR₩12tn37.10.32%
kr flag icon316140Woori FinancialKR₩10tn3.299.23%
kr flag icon024110Industrial Bank Of KoreaKR₩9tn2.158.36%
kr flag icon029780Samsung Card CoKR₩3tn5.528.08%
kr flag icon138930BNK FinancialKR₩2tn3.18.94%
kr flag icon175330JB Financial CoKR₩2tn3.428.09%
kr flag icon139130DGB FinancialKR₩1tn3.358%
kr flag icon006220Jeju BankKR₩267bn14.341.2%
kr flag icon038540Sangsangin CoKR₩256bnn/an/a
kr flag icon023760Han Kook Capital CoKR₩178bn3.434.91%
kr flag icon377450REFINE CoKR₩121bn6.3n/a
kr flag icon007330Pureun Mutual Savings BankKR₩105bn3.817.25%
kr flag icon208140Jungdawn CoKR₩80bn3.454.08%
kr flag icon303030Zinitix CoKR₩55bnn/an/a
kr flag icon155900Badaro No.19 Ship Investment CoKR₩46bn3.8510.37%
kr flag icon021880Mason CapitalKR₩46bnn/an/a
kr flag icon225430KMPharmaceutical CoKR₩32bnn/an/a