Top Banking Services stocks in Hong Kong

Providers of retail and commercial banking, consumer financial services and commercial loans for long-term equipment leases. Includes bank holding companies.

Market Cap
Price to Earnings
Dividend Yield
hk flag icon2388Boc Hong Kong HoldingsHK$305.55bn13.263.91%
hk flag icon11Hang Seng BankHK$255.23bn19.273.82%
hk flag icon267CITICHK$233.89bn2.567.54%
hk flag icon9889Dongguan Rural Commercial Bank CoHK$53.04bn6.714.17%
hk flag icon2066Shengjing Bank CoHK$52.78bn37.87n/a
hk flag icon2588BOC AviationHK$43.97bn8.73.5%
hk flag icon6199Bank of Guizhou CoHK$37.20bn8.472.62%
hk flag icon3698Huishang BankHK$34.59bn2.413.99%
hk flag icon1551Guangzhou Rural Commercial Bank CoHK$33.67bn6.773.97%
hk flag icon23Bank of East AsiaHK$29.84bn9.036.31%
hk flag icon3360Far East HorizonHK$27.92bn3.916.18%
hk flag icon6190Bank of Jiujiang CoHK$25.52bn6.521.05%
hk flag icon9668China Bohai Bank CoHK$23.62bn2.237.2%
hk flag icon6122Jilin Jiutai Rural Commercial BankHK$20.31bn7.58n/a
hk flag icon9677Weihai City Commercial Bank CoHK$16.74bn7.023.99%
hk flag icon1216Zhongyuan Bank CoHK$16.06bn3.29n/a
hk flag icon416Bank of Jinzhou CoHK$15.38bn24.95n/a
hk flag icon2139Bank of Gansu CoHK$15.22bn7.06n/a
hk flag icon6878Differ Holding CoHK$13.62bn34.91n/a
hk flag icon1606China Development Bank Financial Leasing CoHK$13.15bn2.639.98%