Top Real Estate Operations stocks in Hong Kong

Developers and managers of real estate who build, rent and lease residential and commercial properties. Includes real estate brokerage and agency services, real estate appraisal services and consulting services.

Market Cap
Price to Earnings
Dividend Yield
hk flag icon688China Overseas Land & InvestmentHK$271.43bn5.774.66%
hk flag icon16Sun Hung Kai PropertiesHK$268.64bn9.455.34%
hk flag icon1109China Resources LandHK$260.99bn6.874.41%
hk flag icon960Longfor groupHK$225.18bn8.075.18%
hk flag icon2423KE HoldingsHK$216.85bnn/an/a
hk flag icon1113CK Asset HoldingsHK$202.22bn9.593.96%
hk flag icon12Henderson Land Development CoHK$142.33bn10.796.12%
hk flag icon6098Country Garden Services Holdings CoHK$117.75bn22.660.96%
hk flag icon1972Swire PropertiesHK$113.96bn16.244.88%
hk flag icon1997Wharf Real Estate InvestmentHK$113.55bn25.863.5%
hk flag icon2007Country Garden Holdings CoHK$112.50bn3.447.4%
hk flag icon83Sino Land CoHK$89.38bn6.794.84%
hk flag icon1209China Resources Mixc Lifestyle ServicesHK$88.79bn44.180.83%
hk flag icon4Wharf HoldingsHK$87.40bn10.881.4%
hk flag icon17New World Development CoHK$70.84bn42.967.32%
hk flag icon101Hang Lung PropertiesHK$66.95bn17.315.24%
hk flag icon247Tsim Sha Tsui PropertiesHK$44.73bn6.222.51%
hk flag icon3900Greentown China HoldingsHK$40.82bn10.463.15%
hk flag icon884CIFI Holdings (Group) CoHK$36.03bn44.41%
hk flag icon683Kerry PropertiesHK$31.70bn3.696.19%