Top Real Estate Operations stocks in Japan

Developers and managers of real estate who build, rent and lease residential and commercial properties. Includes real estate brokerage and agency services, real estate appraisal services and consulting services.

Market Cap
Price to Earnings
Dividend Yield
jp flag icon8801Mitsui Fudosan Co¥3tn13.911.93%
jp flag icon8802Mitsubishi Estate Co¥3tn17.31.98%
jp flag icon8830Sumitomo Realty & Development Co¥2tn11.091.35%
jp flag icon1878Daito Trust Construction Co¥1tn15.033.16%
jp flag icon3003Hulic Co¥1tn12.093.11%
jp flag icon3289Tokyu Fudosan Holdings¥677bn7.422.99%
jp flag icon3291Iida group Co¥656bn14.13.85%
jp flag icon3231Nomura Real Estate Holdings¥641bn9.053.54%
jp flag icon3288Open House Co¥509bn5.533.65%
jp flag icon8804Tokyo Tatemono Co¥434bn12.953.46%
jp flag icon8905Aeon Mall Co¥392bn19.12.91%
jp flag icon8876Relo¥236bn14.832.13%
jp flag icon8919Katitas Co¥171bn20.642.37%
jp flag icon2337Ichigo¥160bn23.322.27%
jp flag icon8848Leopalace21¥147bn6.34n/a
jp flag icon8803Heiwa Real Estate Co¥143bn12.472.8%
jp flag icon8850Starts¥139bn6.863.57%
jp flag icon3244Samty Co¥113bn12.963.71%
jp flag icon3254Pressance¥106bn62.61%
jp flag icon9347Nippon Kanzai Holdings Co¥94bn16.052.15%