Top Real Estate Operations stocks in Sweden

Developers and managers of real estate who build, rent and lease residential and commercial properties. Includes real estate brokerage and agency services, real estate appraisal services and consulting services.

Market Cap
Price to Earnings
Dividend Yield
se flag iconAKEL DAkelius Residential Property AB (publ)€9.59bnn/a1.55%
se flag iconSAGA ASagax ABSEK106.38bn153.31.15%
se flag iconSAGA BSagax ABSEK106.38bn154.881.14%
se flag iconSAGA DSagax ABSEK106.38bn17.6210.04%
se flag iconBALD BFastighets AB BalderSEK71.27bnn/an/a
se flag iconCASTCastellum ABSEK62.46bnn/an/a
se flag iconFABGFabege ABSEK30.13bnn/a0.63%
se flag iconWALL BWallenstam ABSEK29.58bnn/a0.67%
se flag iconHUFV AHufvudstaden ABSEK26.77bnn/a2.04%
se flag iconWIHLWihlborgs Fastigheter ABSEK26.61bn43.43.58%
se flag iconATRLJ BAtrium Ljungberg ABSEK25.55bnn/a1.31%
se flag iconPNDX BPandox ABSEK23.50bn36.261.96%
se flag iconCATECatena ABSEK19.99bn1947.051.03%
se flag iconK2A BK2A Knaust & Andersson Fastigheter AB (publ)SEK15.65bnn/a318.98%
se flag iconNYFNyfosa ABSEK13.47bnn/a1.42%
se flag iconNP3NP3 Fastigheter ABSEK11.12bn360.710.65%
se flag iconDIOSDios Fastigheter ABSEK10.33bnn/a0.68%
se flag iconCORE BCorem Property ABSEK9.88bnn/a1.13%
se flag iconCORE ACorem Property ABSEK9.88bnn/a1.1%
se flag iconCORE DCorem Property ABSEK9.88bnn/a0.06%