Top Real Estate Operations stocks in France

Developers and managers of real estate who build, rent and lease residential and commercial properties. Includes real estate brokerage and agency services, real estate appraisal services and consulting services.

Market Cap
Price to Earnings
Dividend Yield
fr flag iconALTAAltarea SCA€2.59bn8.342.78%
fr flag iconNXINEXITY SA€1.17bn10.6611.85%
fr flag iconAREITAltareit SCA€1.12bn13.35n/a
fr flag iconFREYFrey SA€966.96m8.464.68%
fr flag iconBASSBassac€872.75m5.734.6%
fr flag iconORIAFiducial Real Estate SA€456.25m12.911.32%
fr flag iconINEAFonciere Inea SA€438.03m5.652.16%
fr flag iconSELERSelectirente SA€402.23m26.56n/a
fr flag iconPATPatrimoine et Commerce SCA€251.78m5.537.44%
fr flag iconCBOTCbo Territoria SA€125.51m9.366.85%
fr flag iconALREARealites SA€111.95m13.925.75%
fr flag iconSPELFonciere Volta SA€85.50m28.17n/a
fr flag iconCROSCrosswood SA€84.53m10.86.04%
fr flag iconARTEArtea SA€80.42m5.931.85%
fr flag iconALUNTUniti SA€36.79m23.68n/a
fr flag iconALCAPCapelli SA€29.81m10.7n/a
fr flag iconALEUAEurasia Groupe SA€29.50m1.62n/a
fr flag iconALSASStradim Espace Finance SA€24.94m4.185.24%
fr flag iconEFIEurasia Fonciere Investissements SA€17.59m260n/a
fr flag iconBERRFinanciere Immobiliere Etang Berre Medit SA€16.05m40.9n/a