Top Investment Banking & Investment Services stocks in Japan

Providers of investment banking, brokerage and investment management services without significant commercial or retail banking operations.

Market Cap
Price to Earnings
Dividend Yield
jp flag icon8604Nomura Holdings¥2tn16.012.9%
jp flag icon8697Japan Exchange¥1tn27.771.92%
jp flag icon8601Daiwa Securities¥1tn17.112.72%
jp flag icon8473SBI Holdings¥845bn7.074.87%
jp flag icon8628Matsui Securities Co¥203bn24.235.06%
jp flag icon9552M&A Research Institute Holdings¥184bn57.59n/a
jp flag icon8609Okasan Securities¥141bn30.251.45%
jp flag icon8698Monex¥140bn23.742.88%
jp flag icon8616Tokai Tokyo Financial Holdings¥116bn40.213.43%
jp flag icon7148Financial Partners Co¥110bn9.133.87%
jp flag icon8595JAFCO Co¥86bn2.529.51%
jp flag icon7177GMO Financial Holdings¥84bn16.622.21%
jp flag icon6080M&A Capital Partners Co¥82bn14.97n/a
jp flag icon5842Integral¥64bn12.46n/a
jp flag icon7342WealthNavi¥59bn145.99n/a
jp flag icon8739Sparx Co¥58bn10.494.15%
jp flag icon8613Marusan Securities Co¥54bn44.481.46%
jp flag icon4765SBI Global Asset Management Co¥48bn51.923.34%
jp flag icon8707IwaiCosmo Holdings¥40bn9.964.66%
jp flag icon8708Aizawa Securities Co¥37bnn/a2.65%