Top Investment Banking & Investment Services stocks in Australasia

Providers of investment banking, brokerage and investment management services without significant commercial or retail banking operations.

Market Cap
Price to Earnings
Dividend Yield
au flag iconMQGMacquarieAU$64.07bn18.481.82%
au flag iconASXASXAU$10.99bn16.614.02%
au flag iconAFIAustralian Foundation InvestmentAU$8.67bn27.93.58%
au flag iconARGArgo InvestmentsAU$6.54bn243.98%
au flag iconGQGGQG PartnersAU$4.31bn11.828.49%
au flag iconNWLNetwealthAU$3.88bn57.871.51%
au flag iconAMPAMPAU$3.58bnn/a0.78%
au flag iconHUBHub24AU$2.78bn58.670.95%
au flag iconPPTPerpetualAU$2.29bn15.322.95%
au flag iconWLEWam LeadersAU$1.89bn12.855.98%
au flag iconWAMWam CapitalAU$1.88bn10.769.09%
au flag iconPNIPinnacle Investment ManagementAU$1.81bn23.823.88%
au flag iconLSFL1 Long Short FundAU$1.77bn10.793.66%
au flag iconMFFMFF Capital InvestmentsAU$1.74bn5.423.17%
au flag iconMFGMagellan FinancialAU$1.72bn8.577.78%
au flag iconIFLInsignia FinancialAU$1.59bn8.345.79%
au flag iconBKIBKI InvestmentAU$1.41bn19.054.33%
au flag iconAUIAustralian United InvestmentAU$1.23bn21.693.81%
au flag iconCNICenturia CapitalAU$1.20bn11.33.4%
au flag iconIREIressAU$1.11bnn/a3.46%