Top Holding Companies stocks in United Kingdom

Companies primarily engaged in investing in securities/stakes of other companies and for Holdings' own profits. Holding companies might have both minority and majority stakes.

Market Cap
Price to Earnings
Dividend Yield
gb flag iconSYNCSyncona£1.01bn4.83n/a
gb flag iconNEOANew Energy One Acquisition£222.03mn/an/a
gb flag iconFINSFinancials Acquisition£199.88mn/an/a
gb flag iconHMA1Hiro Metaverse Acquisitions I SA£154.56mn/an/a
gb flag iconACGACG Acquisition$157.03mn/an/a
gb flag iconMACAMAC Alpha£122.50mn/an/a
gb flag iconADVTAdvancedAdvT£109.22mn/an/a
gb flag iconRKWRockwood Strategic£53.42mn/an/a
gb flag iconGSCGS Chain£14.80mn/an/a
gb flag iconBSFABSF Enterprise£13.64mn/an/a
gb flag iconBAYBay Capital£11.55mn/an/a
gb flag iconBRESBlencowe Resources£10.26mn/an/a
gb flag iconFINAFintech Asia£9.88mn/an/a
gb flag iconIKIVIkigai Ventures£9.62mn/an/a
gb flag iconBWNBowen Fintech£5.23mn/an/a
gb flag iconTMTATmt Acquisition£5.09mn/an/a
gb flag iconTRATertre Rouge Assets£3.32mn/an/a
gb flag iconAJAXAjax Resources£3.16mn/an/a
gb flag iconREDCRed Capital£3.15mn/an/a
gb flag iconPNPLPineapple Power£2.28mn/an/a