Top Holding Companies stocks in United States

Companies primarily engaged in investing in securities/stakes of other companies and for Holdings' own profits. Holding companies might have both minority and majority stakes.

Market Cap
Price to Earnings
Dividend Yield
us flag iconCFFSCF Acquisition VII$2.15bn180.08n/a
us flag iconALTBAlpine Auto Brokers$1.78bnn/an/a
us flag iconCVIIChurchill Capital VII$1.77bn34.48n/a
us flag iconCVII.UChurchill Capital VII$1.77bn34.63n/a
us flag iconCCYCClancy$1.72bnn/an/a
us flag iconCNNECannae Holdings$1.57bnn/an/a
us flag iconCODICompass Diversified Holdings$1.56bnn/a4.62%
us flag iconSCRMScreaming Eagle Acquisition$962.81m46.65n/a
us flag iconSCRMUScreaming Eagle Acquisition$962.81m46.79n/a
us flag iconHCVIUHennessy Capital Investment VI$818.57m44.07n/a
us flag iconHCVIHennessy Capital Investment VI$818.57m43.77n/a
us flag iconEOCWElliott Opportunity II$787.02m28.1n/a
us flag iconAAC.UAres Acquisition$755.97mn/an/a
us flag iconAACAres Acquisition$755.97mn/an/a
us flag iconRRACRigel Resource Acquisition$723.60m32.86n/a
us flag iconRRAC.URigel Resource Acquisition$723.60m32.98n/a
us flag iconCCVI.UChurchill Capital VI$708.98m33.25n/a
us flag iconCCVIChurchill Capital VI$708.98m33.17n/a
us flag iconROCGURoth CH Acquisition IV Co$676.20mn/an/a
us flag iconALCCAltC Acquisition$675.95m91.29n/a