Top Insurance stocks in United States

Underwriters and carriers of property, casualty, life and health insurance policies, as well as reinsurance carriers.

Market Cap
Price to Earnings
Dividend Yield
us flag iconATH PR CAthene Holding$5.22tn2927.14n/a
us flag iconATH PR AAthene Holding$5.10tn2858.61n/a
us flag iconATH PR BAthene Holding$4.50tn2523.98n/a
us flag iconATH PR DAthene Holding$3.84tn2150.53n/a
us flag iconCBChubb$83.86bn10.491.61%
us flag iconMMCMarsh & McLennan Companies$78.52bn24.461.32%
us flag iconPGRProgressive$69.30bn32.210.34%
us flag iconAONAon$58.18bn28.210.74%
us flag iconMETMetlife$51.78bn8.23.02%
us flag iconMET PR FMetlife$51.78bn2917.690.01%
us flag iconMET PR EMetlife$51.78bn3310.580.01%
us flag iconAIGAmerican International$41.21bn5.412.46%
us flag iconAIG PR AAmerican International$41.21bn2608.150.01%
us flag iconTRVTravelers Companies$41.08bn10.822.04%
us flag iconPRUPrudential Financial$36.53bn7.094.77%
us flag iconAFLAflac$36.23bn9.112.47%
us flag iconALLAllstate$35.94bn11.232.48%
us flag iconALL PR HAllstate$35.94bn1962.370.01%
us flag iconALL PR IAllstate$35.94bn1898.790.01%
us flag iconALL PR GAllstate$35.94bn2153.110.01%