Top Holding Companies stocks in Germany

Companies primarily engaged in investing in securities/stakes of other companies and for Holdings' own profits. Holding companies might have both minority and majority stakes.

Market Cap
Price to Earnings
Dividend Yield
de flag iconRKETRocket Internet SE€2.80bnn/an/a
de flag iconMUBMuehlbauer Holding AG€828.59m13.692.58%
de flag iconEUK3Eurokai GmbH & Co KGaA€425.59m5.923.16%
de flag iconB8ABavaria Industries AG€383.05m12.61n/a
de flag iconBKHTBrockhaus Technologies AG€214.57mn/an/a
de flag iconGFJ1Gfj Esg Acquisition I SE€187.50mn/an/a
de flag iconIURKap AG€149.91m9.085.18%
de flag iconMCEMEDIQON AG€148.49m82.98n/a
de flag iconFFM1Franconofurt AG€63.00mn/an/a
de flag icon2INV2Invest AG€53.57mn/an/a
de flag iconATWAllerthal-Werke AG€32.88m5.186.93%
de flag iconRORSunMirror AG€29.29mn/an/a
de flag icon5GGConsulting Team Holding AG€22.19m393.841.3%
de flag iconAPQAQUAMONDI AG€6.00m1204.82n/a
de flag iconR2E0RIXX Invest AG€5.78mn/an/a
de flag iconM5SMarna Beteiligungen AG€4.59m71.61n/a
de flag iconIRPAFERAX Capital AG€4.50m9.47n/a
de flag iconICPPanamax AG€3.07m10.56n/a
de flag iconRKBWebac Holding AG€2.95mn/an/a
de flag iconDN1DNI Beteiligungen AG€1.92mn/an/a