Top Utilities stocks in Germany

Producers and distributors of electricity, natural gas, water and steam, among other utility services.

Market Cap
Price to Earnings
Dividend Yield
de flag iconSTW5Enercity AG€313.63bnn/an/a
de flag iconUN01Uniper SE€45.30bnn/an/a
de flag iconEOANE ON SE€30.95bn40.134.3%
de flag iconRWERWE AG€27.37bn8.252.45%
de flag iconEBKEnBW Energie Baden Wuerttemberg AG€22.16bn5.69n/a
de flag iconLECLechwerke AG€3.33bn22.092.98%
de flag iconWWGGELSENWASSER AG€3.11bn28.252.34%
de flag iconMNV6Mainova AG€2.54bnn/a2.38%
de flag iconECVEncavis AG€2.19bn21.54n/a
de flag iconMVV1MVV Energie AG€2.11bn2.383.28%
de flag iconEKTEnergiekontor AG€1.19bn21.051.18%
de flag iconETGEnviTec Biogas AG€555.39m11.235.35%
de flag iconH2OEnapter AG€334.50mn/an/a
de flag iconHRPK7C Solarparken AG€289.57m10.872%
de flag iconABOclearvise AG€154.48m24.61n/a
de flag iconTIONTion Renewables AG€138.58mn/an/a
de flag iconCAG0Clere AG€104.36mn/an/a
de flag iconFHWFernheizwerk Neukoelln AG€87.40mn/an/a
de flag iconCV3Carpevigo Holding AG€4.08m19.35n/a
de flag iconI7NItN Nanovation AG€0.41mn/an/a