Top Financials stocks in Norway

Operators of commercial and investment banks, investment trusts and financial markets, as well as providers of investment, insurance and real estate services.

Market Cap
Price to Earnings
Dividend Yield
no flag iconVVLVoss Veksel og Landmandsbank ASANOK489.22m9.24.73%
no flag iconSKUESkue SparebankNOK456.11m8.865.73%
no flag iconMELGMelhus SparebankNOK449.59m9.76.79%
no flag iconKRABKraft Bank ASANOK348.60m6.98n/a
no flag iconROMERRomerike SparebankNOK340.35m11.95.58%
no flag iconBALTBaltic Sea Properties ASNOK314.35m5.92n/a
no flag iconHUDLHuddlestock Fintech ASNOK257.92mn/an/a
no flag iconROMSBRomsdal SparebankNOK253.45m12.256.71%
no flag iconSUNSBSunndal SparebankNOK231.79m11.98.43%
no flag iconBORBorgestad ASANOK224.91mn/an/a
no flag iconAQUILAquila Holdings ASANOK217.30mn/an/a
no flag iconTYSBTysnes SparebankNOK203.56m6.335.62%
no flag iconAASBAasen SparebankNOK202.38m8.225.56%
no flag iconENERGEnergeia ASNOK156.17m1898.55n/a
no flag iconNISBNidaros SparebankNOK124.14m14.887.82%
no flag iconRCRRecreate ASANOK108.47mn/an/a
no flag iconSOGNSogn SparebankNOK96.14m8.886.58%
no flag iconHSPGHoland og Setskog SparebankNOK87.36m13.995.51%
no flag iconROMRomRealNOK75.70mn/an/a
no flag iconUNIVUnivid ASANOK51.89mn/an/a