Top Food & Tobacco stocks in Hong Kong

Producers and processors of Food & Tobacco. Includes operators of farms, aquaculture and fisheries.

Market Cap
Price to Earnings
Dividend Yield
hk flag icon1431YuanShengTai Dairy FarmHK$544.10m1.17n/a
hk flag icon831Convenience Retail AsiaHK$513.10m7.9810.61%
hk flag icon809Global Bio-chem Technology CoHK$481.00mn/an/a
hk flag icon2119Tsit Wing International HoldingsHK$454.06m9.936.4%
hk flag icon1068China Yurun FoodHK$391.89mn/an/a
hk flag icon926Besunyen Holdings CoHK$391.25mn/an/a
hk flag icon1587Shineroad International HoldingsHK$387.60m10.312.54%
hk flag icon668Doyen International HoldingsHK$369.47mn/an/a
hk flag icon969Hua Lien International (Holding) CoHK$308.96mn/an/a
hk flag icon2182Tian Chang groupHK$291.40m3.764.26%
hk flag icon2226HonworldHK$283.59mn/an/a
hk flag icon1262Labixiaoxin SnacksHK$229.91mn/an/a
hk flag icon1676China ShenghaiHK$225.60mn/an/a
hk flag icon932Shunten International (Holdings)HK$177.15m4.58n/a
hk flag icon60Hong Kong Food Investment HoldingsHK$153.16mn/an/a
hk flag icon1767TS Wonders HoldingHK$151.00m4.12n/a
hk flag icon3889Global Sweeteners HoldingsHK$134.43mn/an/a
hk flag icon8609Eggriculture FoodsHK$120.00m2.7n/a
hk flag icon8496Global Uin Intelligence HoldingsHK$117.60mn/an/a
hk flag icon834China Kangda Food CoHK$107.80mn/an/a