World's top Beverages stocks

Brewers, distillers, producers and distributors of beer and malt liquor, wine and distilled liquors, as well as non-alcoholic beverages including water, fruit drinks, sodas and other flavored beverages.

Market Cap
Price to Earnings
Dividend Yield
jp flag icon2503Kirin Holdings Co¥2tn16.463.01%
us flag iconTAP.AMolson Coors Beverage Co$12.06bn11.511.79%
us flag iconTAPMolson Coors Beverage Co$12.06bn10.811.91%
jp flag icon2587Suntory Beverage & Food¥2tn22.751.51%
sg flag iconY92Thai Beverage PCLSG$16.33bn15.681.94%
hk flag icon87Swire PacificHK$69.75bn13.336.6%
hk flag icon19Swire PacificHK$69.75bn15.725.6%
fr flag iconRCORemy Cointreau SA€8.46bn40.491.11%
gb flag iconCCHCoca Cola HBC AG£6.78bn13.943.3%
in flag iconMCDOWELL-NUnited SpiritsIN₹579.93bn59.48n/a
in flag iconVBLVarun BeveragesIN₹510.61bn62.32n/a
au flag iconTWETreasury Wine EstatesAU$8.21bn27.192.46%
jp flag icon2593Ito En¥733bn52.030.66%
us flag iconCOKECoca-Cola Consolidated$5.39bn29.910.13%
in flag iconUBLUnited BreweriesIN₹408.64bn111.820.68%
us flag iconCELHCelsius Holdings$4.97bn522.87n/a
us flag iconFIZZNational Beverage$4.62bn29.22n/a
dk flag iconRBREWRoyal Unibrew A/SDKK31.08bn23.912.3%
us flag iconSAMBoston Beer$3.86bnn/an/a
hk flag icon220Uni-President China HoldingsHK$29.07bn16.726.94%