World's top Office Equipment stocks

Manufacturers of office technology equipment, such as photocopiers, facsimile, calculators, cash registers, bar code readers, electronic tags, coin and currency counting devices, as well as scientific and analytical equipment and precision instruments.

Market Cap
Price to Earnings
Dividend Yield
jp flag icon7751Canon¥4tn14.13.46%
jp flag icon7701Shimadzu¥1tn20.911.45%
jp flag icon7752Ricoh Co¥729bn13.232.92%
ch flag iconTECNTecan AGCH₣4.00bn33.440.93%
jp flag icon6448Brother Industries¥638bn14.972.72%
us flag iconOLKOlink Holding AB (publ)$3.21bnn/an/a
jp flag icon8060Canon Marketing Japan¥480bn13.62.7%
jp flag icon6951JEOL¥298bn15.911.18%
us flag iconXRXXerox Holdings$1.70bn9.137.23%
jp flag icon4902Konica Minolta¥235bnn/an/a
jp flag icon6436Amano¥228bn16.943.78%
jp flag icon6588Toshiba Tec¥160bnn/a1.32%
us flag iconPARPAR Technology$1.07bnn/an/a
de flag iconTTKTakkt AG€879.65m15.427.4%
kr flag icon140860Park SystemsKR₩1tn51.570.24%
hk flag icon327Pax Global TechnologyHK$6.12bn5.296.99%
us flag iconPBIPitney Bowes$694.75mn/a5.08%
jp flag icon6413Riso Kagaku¥90bn21.764.41%
tw flag icon2373AuroraTWD16.85bn14.176.24%
tw flag icon5258Castles Technology CoTWD14.81bn17.150.51%