World's top Water Utilities stocks

Operators of water delivery infrastructure, water treatment, filtration and sewage disposal plants. Includes operators supplying geothermal, steam heat and cooled air.

Market Cap
Price to Earnings
Dividend Yield
us flag iconAWKAmerican Water Works$25.74bn28.122.02%
us flag iconWTRGEssential Utilities$9.59bn20.963.17%
gb flag iconUU.United Utilities£6.69bn36.344.64%
gb flag iconSVTSevern Trent£6.12bn46.994.4%
hk flag icon270Guangdong InvestmentHK$37.98bn8.7510.56%
us flag iconAWRAmerican States Water Co$2.98bn25.591.97%
us flag iconCWTCalifornia Water Service$2.79bn41.692.11%
hk flag icon371Beijing Enterprises WaterHK$17.88bn8.178.82%
gb flag iconPNNPennon£1.62bn709.146.89%
us flag iconSJWSJW$1.97bn21.782.39%
us flag iconMSEXMiddlesex Water Co$1.21bn32.511.8%
hk flag icon855China Water AffairsHK$8.59bn4.656.46%
gr flag iconEYDAPAthens Water Supply and Sewerage SA€625.16m191.450.34%
us flag iconYORWYork Water Co$550.66m26.322.09%
us flag iconCWCOConsolidated Water Co$460.63m31.181.16%
us flag iconARTNAArtesian Resources$450.46m25.42.54%
sg flag iconU9EChina Everbright WaterSG$615.09m3.139.4%
sg flag iconBHKSIIC Environment HoldingsSG$515.13m3.497.32%
in flag iconWABAGVa Tech WabagIN₹28.88bn13.12n/a
kr flag icon270520Geolit Energy CoKR₩409bnn/an/a