Top Beverages stocks in United States

Brewers, distillers, producers and distributors of beer and malt liquor, wine and distilled liquors, as well as non-alcoholic beverages including water, fruit drinks, sodas and other flavored beverages.

Market Cap
Price to Earnings
Dividend Yield
us flag iconVWEVintage Wine Estates$407.73m41.07n/a
us flag iconCIRXCirTran$213.98mn/an/a
us flag iconCWGLCrimson Wine$163.01m715.41n/a
us flag iconSBEVSplash Beverage$96.16mn/an/a
us flag iconWTERAlkaline Water$73.43mn/an/a
us flag iconBRFHBarfresh Food$47.32mn/an/a
us flag iconVINEFresh Vine Wine$41.38mn/an/a
us flag iconICNBIconic Brands$39.18mn/an/a
us flag iconJSDAJones Soda Co$37.88mn/an/a
us flag iconNBEVNewage$36.66mn/an/a
us flag iconWVVIWillamette Valley Vineyards$32.32mn/a3.38%
us flag iconVDKBVodka Brands$32.14mn/an/a
us flag iconREEDReed'S$22.64mn/an/a
us flag iconWBEVWinc$18.33mn/an/a
us flag iconRSAURooShine$11.32mn/an/a
us flag iconAQPWGolden Ally Lifetech$10.27mn/an/a
us flag iconEASTEastside Distilling$8.73mn/an/a
us flag iconRMHBRocky Mountain High Brands$8.00mn/an/a
us flag iconFMBVFull Motion Beverage$4.72mn/an/a
us flag iconALKMAlkame Holdings$4.58mn/an/a