Top Electronic Equipments & Parts stocks in United States

Manufacturers of electronic products, such as biometric products, electronic components and parts and display screens.

Market Cap
Price to Earnings
Dividend Yield
us flag iconAPHAmphenol$50.59bn27.30.98%
us flag iconGLWCorning$26.97bn23.153.48%
us flag iconKEYSKeysight Technologies$23.54bn20.47n/a
us flag iconTDYTeledyne Technologies$19.73bn26.1n/a
us flag iconJBLJabil$14.05bn13.420.3%
us flag iconZBRAZebra Technologies$12.11bn17.9n/a
us flag iconFLEXFlex$11.52bn14.18n/a
us flag iconLFUSLittelfuse$6.34bn17.880.94%
us flag iconSTSensata Technologies Holding$5.68bn16.41.21%
us flag iconFNFabrinet$5.56bn22.27n/a
us flag iconNOVTNovanta$5.25bn63.57n/a
us flag iconVNTVontier$4.79bn17.770.32%
us flag iconIPGPIPG Photonics$4.70bn34.35n/a
us flag iconCOHRCoherent$4.53bnn/an/a
us flag iconAVTAvnet$4.37bn5.832.43%
us flag iconITRIItron$2.77bn44.76n/a
us flag iconPLXSPlexus$2.50bn15.04n/a
us flag iconOSISOSI Systems$1.95bn20.38n/a
us flag iconCTSCTS$1.31bn21.880.38%
us flag iconHSAIHesai$1.28bnn/an/a