Pink Sheets on Nasdaq

PNK / PNK - 5647 Listings

Name Ticker Mkt Cap £m P/E (f) Yield % (f) Other
12 Retech PNK:RETC 2.10 12 Retech Dividends
123CSS PNK:CSYS 0.000 123CSS Dividends
1399 Internet Technology Application PNK:YSGG 0.73 1399 Internet Technology Application Dividends
141 Capital PNK:ONCP 141 Capital Dividends
1511419 Ontario PNK:CSFSF 1511419 Ontario Dividends
1812 Brewing PNK:KEGS 3.26 1812 Brewing Dividends
1847 Holdings LLC PNK:EFSH 9.46 1847 Holdings LLC Dividends
1867 Western Financial PNK:WFCL 1867 Western Financial Dividends
1mage Software PNK:ISOL 1mage Software Dividends
1PM Industries PNK:OPMZ 0.002 1PM Industries Dividends
1St Capital Bancorp PNK:FISB 57.8 1St Capital Bancorp Dividends
1st Colonial Bancorp PNK:FCOB 35.1 1st Colonial Bancorp Dividends
1st FSB of SC PNK:FSGB 1st FSB of SC Dividends
1st NRG PNK:FNRC 0.007 1st NRG Dividends
1st Summit Bancorp of Johnstown PNK:FSMK 1st Summit Bancorp of Johnstown Dividends
20/20 Genesystems PNK:TWTG 20/20 Genesystems Dividends
21st North PNK:ULGX 0.003 21st North Dividends
286 Lenox Partners LLC PNK:TESLU 286 Lenox Partners LLC Dividends
3 Sixty Risk Solutions PNK:SAYFF 0.001 3 Sixty Risk Solutions Dividends
30DC PNK:TDCH 1.39 30DC Dividends
374Water PNK:SCWO 266.1 374Water Dividends
3Am Technologies PNK:TTEZ 3Am Technologies Dividends
3D Pioneer Systems PNK:DPSM 3D Pioneer Systems Dividends
3Dshopping.Com PNK:THDS 0.10 3Dshopping.Com Dividends
3DX Industries PNK:DDDX 3.81 3DX Industries Dividends
3Power Energy PNK:PSPW 0.065 3Power Energy Dividends
420 Property Management PNK:FTPM 0.001 420 Property Management Dividends
4504020 Canada PNK:RLPHQ 0.008 4504020 Canada Dividends
4Cable TV International PNK:CATV 4.57 4Cable TV International Dividends
6D Global Technologies PNK:SIXD 6D Global Technologies Dividends
727 Communications PNK:SVNJ 727 Communications Dividends
8000 PNK:EIGH 8000 Dividends
808 Renewable Energy PNK:RNWR 82.9 808 Renewable Energy Dividends
A. D. Makepeace Co PNK:MAKE A. D. Makepeace Co Dividends
A1 PNK:AWON 2.32 A1 Dividends
Aamaxan Transport PNK:AAXT 0.000 Aamaxan Transport Dividends
Aap 101 PNK:AAPJ 0.54 Aap 101 Dividends
Aardvark Ventures PNK:ROCAF 0.029 Aardvark Ventures Dividends
Aaron Sparks Industries PNK:AXMP 0.032 Aaron Sparks Industries Dividends
Ab International PNK:ABQQ 2.13 Ab International Dividends
AB&T Financial PNK:ABTO 1.67 AB&T Financial Dividends
Abakan Inc PNK:ABKI Abakan Inc Dividends
Abattis Bioceuticals PNK:ATTBF 0.000 Abattis Bioceuticals Dividends
Abaxx Technologies PNK:ABXXF 53.1 Abaxx Technologies Dividends
Abby PNK:ABBY Abby Dividends
ABCO Energy PNK:ABCE 0.83 ABCO Energy Dividends
Ability PNK:ABILF 1.26 Ability Dividends
Ablaze Technologies PNK:ABZT Ablaze Technologies Dividends
Able Energy PNK:ABLE 0.001 Able Energy Dividends
Abraxas Petroleum PNK:AXAS 13.0 Abraxas Petroleum Dividends
abrdn Asia-Pacific Income Fund VCC PNK:ABAKF 67.1 abrdn Asia-Pacific Income Fund VCC Dividends
abrdn Asian Income Fund PNK:ABBAF 463.4 abrdn Asian Income Fund Dividends
Absecon Bancorp PNK:ASCN Absecon Bancorp Dividends
Absolute Health and Fitness PNK:AHFI Absolute Health and Fitness Dividends
Abv Consulting PNK:ABVN Abv Consulting Dividends
AC Partners PNK:ACPS AC Partners Dividends
Acacia Diversified Holdings PNK:ACCA 0.009 Acacia Diversified Holdings Dividends
ACC Aviation Holdings PNK:CAVG 9.36 ACC Aviation Holdings Dividends
Accelera Innovations PNK:ACNV 0.013 Accelera Innovations Dividends
Accelerated Technologies Holding PNK:ATHC 2.72 Accelerated Technologies Holding Dividends
Access Worldwide Communications PNK:AWWC Access Worldwide Communications Dividends
Access-Power & Co PNK:ACCR 1.19 Access-Power & Co Dividends
Accustem Sciences PNK:ACUT Accustem Sciences Dividends
Ace Ethanol LLC PNK:ACEEU Ace Ethanol LLC Dividends
Achison PNK:ACHN 8.92 Achison Dividends
ACI Global PNK:ACGJ ACI Global Dividends
Acm PNK:ACMA Acm Dividends
Acorn Energy PNK:ACFN 14.4 Acorn Energy Dividends
Acquire PNK:ACLD Acquire Dividends
Acro Biomedical Co PNK:ACBM 199.9 Acro Biomedical Co Dividends
ACS Global PNK:AMCY 226.3 ACS Global Dividends
ACS Motion Control PNK:ACSEF ACS Motion Control Dividends
Action Energy PNK:AECFF Action Energy Dividends
Active Health Foods PNK:AHFD 3.78 Active Health Foods Dividends
Acura Pharmaceuticals PNK:ACUR 24.8 Acura Pharmaceuticals Dividends
Acusphere PNK:ACUS 0.000 Acusphere Dividends
AD Capital US PNK:ADCV AD Capital US Dividends
Adamant DRI Processing and Minerals PNK:ADMG 1.72 Adamant DRI Processing and Minerals Dividends
Adamas Ventures PNK:ADMV Adamas Ventures Dividends
Adaptive Ad Systems PNK:AATV Adaptive Ad Systems Dividends
Adaptive Medias PNK:ADTM 0.000 Adaptive Medias Dividends
Addentax PNK:ATXG Addentax Dividends
Addmaster PNK:ADDC Addmaster Dividends
Adecco AG PNK:AHEXY 4,913 8.33 Adecco AG Dividends
Adex Media Inc PNK:ADXM 0.025 Adex Media Inc Dividends
Adhera Therapeutics PNK:ATRX 0.85 Adhera Therapeutics Dividends
Adia Nutrition PNK:ADIA Adia Nutrition Dividends
Adirondack Trust Co PNK:ADKT Adirondack Trust Co Dividends
Adkins Energy LLC PNK:ADKIL Adkins Energy LLC Dividends
Adm Endeavors PNK:ADMQ 5.86 Adm Endeavors Dividends
ADM Tronics Unlimited PNK:ADMT 4.34 ADM Tronics Unlimited Dividends
Adorbs PNK:ADOB Adorbs Dividends
Adsouth Partners PNK:ASPR 0.003 Adsouth Partners Dividends
AdStar PNK:ADST 0.000 AdStar Dividends
Adtegrity.Com International PNK:ADTY Adtegrity.Com International Dividends
Advanced Bioenergy LLC PNK:ABENU Advanced Bioenergy LLC Dividends
Advanced Biomedical Technologies PNK:ABMT 0.62 Advanced Biomedical Technologies Dividends
Advanced Container Technologies PNK:ACTX 30.9 Advanced Container Technologies Dividends
Advanced Engine Technologies PNK:AENG Advanced Engine Technologies Dividends
Advanced Life Sciences Holdings Inc PNK:ADLS Advanced Life Sciences Holdings Inc Dividends
Advanced Lighting Solutions PNK:AVLS Advanced Lighting Solutions Dividends
Advanced Oxygen Technologies PNK:AOXY 0.65 Advanced Oxygen Technologies Dividends
Advanced Powerline Technologies PNK:APWL Advanced Powerline Technologies Dividends
Advanced Technologies PNK:AVGG Advanced Technologies Dividends
Advanced Voice Recognition Systems PNK:AVOI 1.87 Advanced Voice Recognition Systems Dividends
Advant-e PNK:ADVCD Advant-e Dividends
Advantage Energy PNK:AAVVF 1,242 8.48 Advantage Energy Dividends
Advantego PNK:ADGO 0.056 Advantego Dividends
Advantest PNK:ATEYY 10,042 14.8 Advantest Dividends
Advantis PNK:ADVT Advantis Dividends
Advanzeon Solutions PNK:CHCR 0.010 Advanzeon Solutions Dividends
Advaxis PNK:ADXS 7.26 Advaxis Dividends
Adveco PNK:ADVV Adveco Dividends
Adynxx PNK:ADYX 0.000 Adynxx Dividends
Ae Holding I PNK:APLN Ae Holding I Dividends
Aec Holdings PNK:AECS Aec Holdings Dividends
Aeolus Pharmaceuticals PNK:AOLS 0.012 Aeolus Pharmaceuticals Dividends
Aeon Global Health PNK:AGHC 0.002 Aeon Global Health Dividends
Aeon Ventures PNK:IDEA 0.16 Aeon Ventures Dividends
AER Energy Resources PNK:AERN 0.001 AER Energy Resources Dividends
Aerius International PNK:AERS 0.79 Aerius International Dividends
Aerkomm PNK:AKOM 66.9 Aerkomm Dividends
Aerofoam Metals PNK:AFML 0.000 Aerofoam Metals Dividends
Affiliated Resources PNK:AFFL 0.071 Affiliated Resources Dividends
Affinity Beverage PNK:ABVG 0.003 Affinity Beverage Dividends
Affinity Gold PNK:AFYG 0.000 Affinity Gold Dividends
Affirmative Insurance Holdings Inc PNK:AFFMQ Affirmative Insurance Holdings Inc Dividends
Affluence PNK:AFFU Affluence Dividends
Affordable Homes PNK:GRHI Affordable Homes Dividends
Affymax PNK:AFFY 0.18 Affymax Dividends
African Discovery PNK:AFDG African Discovery Dividends
Aftermaster PNK:AFTM 0.056 Aftermaster Dividends
Agape ATP PNK:AATP Agape ATP Dividends
Agavenny PNK:AGNY 9.37 Agavenny Dividends
Agent Information Software PNK:AIFS 7.05 Agent Information Software Dividends
Agentix PNK:AGTX 5.09 Agentix Dividends
Agiliti Inc PNK:AGLY Agiliti Inc Dividends
Agra Resources LLC PNK:AGRRU Agra Resources LLC Dividends
Agri-Dynamics PNK:AGDY Agri-Dynamics Dividends
Agrieuro PNK:EURI 0.000 Agrieuro Dividends
Agristar PNK:AGRS Agristar Dividends
Agritek Holdings PNK:AGTK 0.006 Agritek Holdings Dividends
Agro Capital Management PNK:ACMB 40.7 Agro Capital Management Dividends
AI Technology. PNK:AIPG AI Technology. Dividends
AI/ML Innovations PNK:AIMLF 2.79 AI/ML Innovations Dividends
Aiadvertising PNK:AIAD 6.87 Aiadvertising Dividends
Aida Pharmaceuticals PNK:AIDA 0.21 Aida Pharmaceuticals Dividends
Aifarm PNK:AIFM 0.55 Aifarm Dividends
AIM Energy PNK:AEXE 0.12 AIM Energy Dividends
AimRite Holdings PNK:AIMH AimRite Holdings Dividends
Ainos PNK:AIMD 61.3 Ainos Dividends
Airborne Security & Protective Services PNK:ABPR Airborne Security & Protective Services Dividends
Airborne Wireless Network PNK:ABWN 0.39 Airborne Wireless Network Dividends
Airspan Networks Inc PNK:AIRO Airspan Networks Inc Dividends
Airtrona International PNK:ARTR 0.002 Airtrona International Dividends
AIS Holdings PNK:AIDG AIS Holdings Dividends
Aisystems Inc PNK:ASYI Aisystems Inc Dividends
AiXin Life International PNK:AIXN 195 AiXin Life International Dividends
AJ1G PNK:AJYG AJ1G Dividends
Aja Cannafacturing Inc PNK:AJAC Aja Cannafacturing Inc Dividends
Ajia Innogroup Holdings PNK:AJIA 48.3 Ajia Innogroup Holdings Dividends
Aksys PNK:AKSY 0.000 Aksys Dividends
Alabama Aircraft Industries PNK:AAIIQ Alabama Aircraft Industries Dividends
Aladdin Separation Technologies PNK:ASPT Aladdin Separation Technologies Dividends
Alamo Energy PNK:ALME 0.011 Alamo Energy Dividends
Alanco Technologies PNK:ALAN 0.006 Alanco Technologies Dividends
Alaska Pacific Energy PNK:ASKE Alaska Pacific Energy Dividends
Alaska Power & Telephone Co PNK:APTL 75.3 Alaska Power & Telephone Co Dividends
Albina Community Bancorp PNK:ACBCQ Albina Community Bancorp Dividends
Alchemy Creative PNK:ALMY Alchemy Creative Dividends
Alderon Iron Ore. PNK:AXXDF 0.000 Alderon Iron Ore. Dividends
Alfen Beheer BV PNK:ABHBY Alfen Beheer BV Dividends
Alice Consolidated Mines PNK:ACNE Alice Consolidated Mines Dividends
Alimco Financial PNK:ALMC 18.3 Alimco Financial Dividends
Alkame Holdings PNK:ALKM 4.49 Alkame Holdings Dividends
Alkane PNK:ALKN 0.079 Alkane Dividends
All American Gold PNK:AAGC 0.77 All American Gold Dividends
All American Pet Co PNK:AAPT 1.65 All American Pet Co Dividends
All for One Media PNK:AFOM 0.46 All for One Media Dividends
All Grade Mining Inc PNK:HYII All Grade Mining Inc Dividends
All Things Mobile Analytic PNK:ATMH 0.29 All Things Mobile Analytic Dividends
All World Resources PNK:AWRS All World Resources Dividends
All-Q-Tell PNK:PSGI All-Q-Tell Dividends
AllDigital Holdings PNK:ADGL AllDigital Holdings Dividends
Allegheny and Western Railway Co PNK:AWRY Allegheny and Western Railway Co Dividends
Allegiant Professional Business Services PNK:APRO 0.014 Allegiant Professional Business Services Dividends
Allenergy PNK:ALRY Allenergy Dividends
Alliance Creative PNK:ACGX 0.23 Alliance Creative Dividends
Alliance Media Holdings PNK:ADTR 0.053 Alliance Media Holdings Dividends
Alliance Recovery PNK:ARVY 0.13 Alliance Recovery Dividends
Alliance Trust PNK:ALITF 2,872 Alliance Trust Dividends
Allied PNK:ALID 54.0 Allied Dividends
Allied Energy PNK:AGYP Allied Energy Dividends
Allied Energy PNK:AGGI Allied Energy Dividends
Allied First Bancorp PNK:AFBA Allied First Bancorp Dividends
Allied Resources PNK:ALOD 1.23 Allied Resources Dividends
Allied Security Innovations PNK:ADSV 0.065 Allied Security Innovations Dividends
Allin PNK:ALLN Allin Dividends
Allixon International PNK:AXCP Allixon International Dividends
AllStar Health Brands PNK:ALST 0.11 AllStar Health Brands Dividends
Alltemp PNK:LTMP 2.03 Alltemp Dividends
Alma Gold PNK:ALGLF Alma Gold Dividends
Almost Never Films PNK:HLWD 0.56 Almost Never Films Dividends
Alpha Energy PNK:APHE 59.7 Alpha Energy Dividends
Alpha Investment PNK:ALPC Alpha Investment Dividends
Alpha Network Alliance Ventures PNK:ANAV 78.8 Alpha Network Alliance Ventures Dividends
Alpha One PNK:AOAO Alpha One Dividends
Alpha Technologies PNK:AHAG 0.001 Alpha Technologies Dividends
Alpha Wastewater PNK:AWWI 0.32 Alpha Wastewater Dividends
Alpha-En PNK:ALPE 0.015 Alpha-En Dividends
Alphaform AG PNK:AFRMF Alphaform AG Dividends
Alpine Auto Brokers PNK:ALTB 1,289 Alpine Auto Brokers Dividends
Alpine Banks of Colorado PNK:ALPIB 187.6 Alpine Banks of Colorado Dividends
ALR Technologies PNK:ALRT 18.8 ALR Technologies Dividends
Alseres Pharmaceuticals PNK:ALSE Alseres Pharmaceuticals Dividends
Altair PNK:ATCD Altair Dividends
Altair International PNK:ATAO 7.16 Altair International Dividends
Alternative Energy Development PNK:ADEC 0.000 Alternative Energy Development Dividends
Alternative Energy Partners PNK:AEGY 0.003 Alternative Energy Partners Dividends
Alternative Energy Technology PNK:ATNE Alternative Energy Technology Dividends
Alternative Fuel Technologies PNK:AFTC Alternative Fuel Technologies Dividends
Alternative Investment PNK:AIKO Alternative Investment Dividends
Alternaturals PNK:ANAS Alternaturals Dividends
Alternet Systems PNK:ALYI 8.07 Alternet Systems Dividends
Alterola Biotech PNK:ABTI 121 Alterola Biotech Dividends
Altex Industries PNK:ALTX 0.65 Altex Industries Dividends
Altigen Communications PNK:ATGN 20.2 Altigen Communications Dividends
Altitude International Holdings PNK:ALTD 6.17 Altitude International Holdings Dividends
Altrust Financial Services PNK:ATFS Altrust Financial Services Dividends
ALUF Holdings PNK:AHIX 6.21 ALUF Holdings Dividends
Alumifuel Power PNK:AFPW 0.004 Alumifuel Power Dividends
Alvarion PNK:ALVRQ 0.000 Alvarion Dividends
Aly Energy Services PNK:ALYE Aly Energy Services Dividends
AM Castle & Co PNK:CTAM 0.29 AM Castle & Co Dividends
Amacore PNK:ACGI Amacore Dividends
Amanasu Environment PNK:AMSU 0.82 Amanasu Environment Dividends
Amanasu Techno Holdings PNK:ANSU 0.24 Amanasu Techno Holdings Dividends
Amarantus Bioscience Holdings PNK:AMBS 0.92 Amarantus Bioscience Holdings Dividends
Amaru PNK:AMRU Amaru Dividends
Amaya Global Holdings PNK:AYAG Amaya Global Holdings Dividends
Amazonas Florestal PNK:AZFL Amazonas Florestal Dividends
AMB Financial PNK:AMFC 16.2 AMB Financial Dividends
AmBase PNK:ABCP 10.5 AmBase Dividends
Ambassador Food Services PNK:ABDR Ambassador Food Services Dividends
Ambg PNK:AMBG Ambg Dividends
Amboy Bancorp PNK:ABYB Amboy Bancorp Dividends
Ambrian PNK:AMNZF Ambrian Dividends
AMC Financial Holdings PNK:ACFL 0.51 AMC Financial Holdings Dividends
Amcor Financial PNK:AFCL Amcor Financial Dividends
Amelco PNK:AMLC Amelco Dividends
AMEN Properties PNK:AMEN 21.1 AMEN Properties Dividends
AmeraMex International PNK:AMMX 7.83 AmeraMex International Dividends
Amergent Hospitality PNK:AMHG 3.66 Amergent Hospitality Dividends
Ameri Metro PNK:ARMT Ameri Metro Dividends
America Great Health PNK:AAGH 407.5 America Great Health Dividends
America's Suppliers PNK:AASL America's Suppliers Dividends
American Bancorp PNK:ABNC American Bancorp Dividends
American Bank PNK:AMBK 73.8 American Bank Dividends
American Basketball Association PNK:ABKB American Basketball Association Dividends
American Battery Technology Co PNK:ABML 474.9 American Battery Technology Co Dividends
American Biltrite PNK:ABLT 3.27 American Biltrite Dividends
American Bio Medica PNK:ABMC 1.04 American Bio Medica Dividends
American Business PNK:ARBU 0.000 American Business Dividends
American Business Bank PNK:AMBZ 285.8 American Business Bank Dividends
American Cannabis PNK:AMMJ 3.56 American Cannabis Dividends
American CareSource Holdings PNK:GNOW 0.001 American CareSource Holdings Dividends
American Church Mortgage Co PNK:ACMC 1.66 American Church Mortgage Co Dividends
American Commerce Solutions PNK:AACS 0.092 American Commerce Solutions Dividends
American Community Newspapers PNK:ACNI 0.001 American Community Newspapers Dividends
American Consumers PNK:ANCSQ American Consumers Dividends
American Cryostem PNK:CRYO 10.4 American Cryostem Dividends
American Defense Systems PNK:ADFS 0.11 American Defense Systems Dividends
American Diversified Holdings PNK:ADHC 3.08 American Diversified Holdings Dividends
American Education Center PNK:AMCT American Education Center Dividends
American Energy PNK:AEGG American Energy Dividends
American Energy Development PNK:AEDC 0.000 American Energy Development Dividends
American Energy Partners PNK:AEPT 27.0 American Energy Partners Dividends
American Environmental PNK:MZPS American Environmental Dividends
American Environmental Energy PNK:AEEI American Environmental Energy Dividends
American Fiber Green Products PNK:AFBG American Fiber Green Products Dividends
American Films PNK:AMFL 11.4 American Films Dividends
American Graphite Technologies PNK:AGIN 1.56 American Graphite Technologies Dividends
American Green PNK:ERBB 7.84 American Green Dividends
American Green PNK:AMNE American Green Dividends
American Health Protection PNK:EWLL 2.93 American Health Protection Dividends
American Hemp Ventures PNK:AMHV American Hemp Ventures Dividends
American International Holdings PNK:AMIHD 0.96 American International Holdings Dividends
American International Industries PNK:AMIN 0.088 American International Industries Dividends
American International Ventures PNK:AIVN 2.27 American International Ventures Dividends
American Leisure Holdings PNK:AMLH American Leisure Holdings Dividends
American Lithium PNK:LIACF 369 American Lithium Dividends
American Lithium Minerals PNK:AMLM 9.21 American Lithium Minerals Dividends
American Mart PNK:AMRT American Mart Dividends
American Medical Technologies PNK:ADLI 0.000 American Medical Technologies Dividends
American Metal & Technology PNK:AMGY 0.001 American Metal & Technology Dividends
American Metals Recovery and Recycling PNK:AMRR 24.3 American Metals Recovery and Recycling Dividends
American Mobile Dental PNK:AMBD American Mobile Dental Dividends
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