Pink Sheets on Nasdaq

PNK / PNK - 2107 Listings

Name Ticker Mkt Cap £m P/E (f) Yield % (f) Other
1-800 Attorney Inc PNK:ATTY 0.000 1-800 Attorney Inc Dividends
123css PNK:CSYS 0.000 123css Dividends
24holdings Inc PNK:TWFH 24holdings Inc Dividends
3d Total Solutions Inc PNK:DTLS 3d Total Solutions Inc Dividends
4504020 Canada Inc PNK:RLPHQ 0.001 4504020 Canada Inc Dividends
5barz International Inc PNK:BARZ 5barz International Inc Dividends
6d Global Technologies Inc PNK:SIXD 0.060 6d Global Technologies Inc Dividends
727 Communications Inc PNK:SVNJ 727 Communications Inc Dividends
8000 Inc PNK:EIGH 8000 Inc Dividends
A.c. Simmonds And Sons Inc PNK:ACSX 122.9 A.c. Simmonds And Sons Inc Dividends
Aa Importing Inc PNK:ANTQ Aa Importing Inc Dividends
Aaa Century Usa Inc PNK:AAAG Aaa Century Usa Inc Dividends
Aaron Sparks Industries Inc PNK:AXMP 0.031 Aaron Sparks Industries Inc Dividends
Abakan Inc PNK:ABKI Abakan Inc Dividends
Abc Records Management And Data Storage Inc PNK:ABCR Abc Records Management And Data Storage Inc Dividends
Ability Holding PNK:AYHC Ability Holding Dividends
Ablaze Technologies Inc PNK:ABZT Ablaze Technologies Inc Dividends
Able Energy Inc PNK:ABLE 0.001 Able Energy Inc Dividends
Abs Inc PNK:MPRG Abs Inc Dividends
Absolute Health And Fitness Inc PNK:AHFI Absolute Health And Fitness Inc Dividends
Accel Brands Inc PNK:ACLP 0.001 Accel Brands Inc Dividends
Accom Inc PNK:ACMM 0.016 Accom Inc Dividends
Ace Ethanol Llc PNK:ACEEU Ace Ethanol Llc Dividends
Aci Global PNK:ACGJ Aci Global Dividends
Acm PNK:ACMA Acm Dividends
Act Clean Technologies Inc PNK:ACLH Act Clean Technologies Inc Dividends
Ad Capital Us Inc PNK:ADCV Ad Capital Us Inc Dividends
Adelphia Recovery Trust PNK:ADPAJ Adelphia Recovery Trust Dividends
Adex Media Inc PNK:ADXM 0.025 Adex Media Inc Dividends
Adkins Energy Llc PNK:ADKIL Adkins Energy Llc Dividends
Adsouth Partners Inc PNK:ASPR 0.000 Adsouth Partners Inc Dividends
Adstar Inc PNK:ADST 0.000 Adstar Inc Dividends
Advanced Bioenergy Llc PNK:ABENU Advanced Bioenergy Llc Dividends
Advanced Engine Technologies Inc PNK:AENG 0.003 Advanced Engine Technologies Inc Dividends
Advanced Life Sciences Holdings Inc PNK:ADLS Advanced Life Sciences Holdings Inc Dividends
Advanced Lighting Solutions Inc PNK:AVLS Advanced Lighting Solutions Inc Dividends
Advanced Powerline Technologies Inc PNK:APWL Advanced Powerline Technologies Inc Dividends
Ae Holding I Inc PNK:APLN Ae Holding I Inc Dividends
Aec Holdings PNK:AECS Aec Holdings Dividends
Aerofoam Metals Inc PNK:AFML 0.000 Aerofoam Metals Inc Dividends
Aet&d Holdings No 1 PNK:PAEHF Aet&d Holdings No 1 Dividends
Affiliated Resources PNK:AFFL 0.000 Affiliated Resources Dividends
Affirmative Insurance Holdings Inc PNK:AFFMQ Affirmative Insurance Holdings Inc Dividends
Affordable Homes PNK:GRHI Affordable Homes Dividends
Africa Growth PNK:AFGC Africa Growth Dividends
Ag Automotive Warehouses Inc PNK:AGAA Ag Automotive Warehouses Inc Dividends
Agent155 Media PNK:AGMC Agent155 Media Dividends
Agiss PNK:AGCR Agiss Dividends
Agra Resources Llc PNK:AGRRU Agra Resources Llc Dividends
Agrieuro PNK:EURI 0.020 Agrieuro Dividends
Agritech Worldwide Inc PNK:FBER 0.012 Agritech Worldwide Inc Dividends
Ahsi Inc PNK:AHSI Ahsi Inc Dividends
Ai Document Services Inc PNK:AIDC 9.98 Ai Document Services Inc Dividends
Aisystems Inc PNK:ASYI Aisystems Inc Dividends
Aja Cannafacturing Inc PNK:AJAC Aja Cannafacturing Inc Dividends
Aksys PNK:AKSY 0.000 Aksys Dividends
Al-corn Clean Fuel Llc PNK:ACCLL Al-corn Clean Fuel Llc Dividends
Aladdin Separation Technologies Inc PNK:ASPT Aladdin Separation Technologies Inc Dividends
Alaska Gold PNK:AKGC Alaska Gold Dividends
Alchemy Creative Inc PNK:ALMY Alchemy Creative Inc Dividends
Aleris PNK:ALSD Aleris Dividends
Alfa Star Energy PNK:FCPS Alfa Star Energy Dividends
Algiers Bancorp Inc PNK:ALGC 12.6 Algiers Bancorp Inc Dividends
All Grade Mining Inc PNK:HYII 0.001 All Grade Mining Inc Dividends
All World Resources PNK:AWRS All World Resources Dividends
All-q-tell PNK:ALLQ All-q-tell Dividends
Allegiance Bank Of North America PNK:ABPA Allegiance Bank Of North America Dividends
Allegro Inc PNK:BNDT Allegro Inc Dividends
Allenergy Inc PNK:ALRY Allenergy Inc Dividends
Allied American Steel PNK:AAST Allied American Steel Dividends
Allied World Resources Inc PNK:ICTC Allied World Resources Inc Dividends
Allison Industries PNK:ALLD Allison Industries Dividends
Allixon International PNK:AXCP Allixon International Dividends
Alpine Management Systems Inc PNK:ALPN Alpine Management Systems Inc Dividends
Alternative Energy Development PNK:ADEC 0.005 Alternative Energy Development Dividends
Alternative Energy Technology Inc PNK:ATNE Alternative Energy Technology Inc Dividends
Alterrus Systems Inc PNK:ASIUQ Alterrus Systems Inc Dividends
Altovida Inc PNK:ATOA 4.45 Altovida Inc Dividends
Ambicom Holdings Inc PNK:ABHI Ambicom Holdings Inc Dividends
Amcor Financial PNK:AFCL Amcor Financial Dividends
Ameresco Select Inc PNK:SLESZ Ameresco Select Inc Dividends
America Greener Technologies Inc PNK:AGRNQ America Greener Technologies Inc Dividends
American Business Services Inc PNK:ABSR American Business Services Inc Dividends
American Cordillera Mining PNK:AUAG American Cordillera Mining Dividends
American Energy Development PNK:AEDC 0.008 American Energy Development Dividends
American Environmental Inc PNK:MZPS American Environmental Inc Dividends
American First Financial Inc PNK:AFRS American First Financial Inc Dividends
American Homestar PNK:AHMS American Homestar Dividends
American Locker Inc PNK:ALGI American Locker Inc Dividends
American Magna PNK:AMGC American Magna Dividends
American Media Systems Co PNK:AMMS 0.15 American Media Systems Co Dividends
American Mobile Dental PNK:AMBD American Mobile Dental Dividends
American Nano Silicon Technology Inc PNK:ANNO American Nano Silicon Technology Inc Dividends
American Oriental Bioengineering Inc PNK:AOBI American Oriental Bioengineering Inc Dividends
American Pacific Rim Commerce PNK:APRM American Pacific Rim Commerce Dividends
American Patriot Brands Inc PNK:GRLD American Patriot Brands Inc Dividends
American Racing Capital Inc PNK:AMRA 0.000 American Racing Capital Inc Dividends
American Realty Funds PNK:ANFD 0.000 American Realty Funds Dividends
American Retail Inc PNK:ARGB American Retail Inc Dividends
American Sands Energy PNK:AMSE American Sands Energy Dividends
American Soil Technologies Inc PNK:SOYL American Soil Technologies Inc Dividends
American Spectrum Realty Inc PNK:AQQSQ 0.000 American Spectrum Realty Inc Dividends
American Telecom Services Inc PNK:ATEL American Telecom Services Inc Dividends
American Transportation Holdings Inc PNK:ATHI American Transportation Holdings Inc Dividends
American Utilicraft PNK:AMUC American Utilicraft Dividends
Americana Distribution Inc PNK:ADBN 0.10 Americana Distribution Inc Dividends
Americas Wind Energy PNK:AWNE Americas Wind Energy Dividends
Ami James Brands Inc PNK:AJBI Ami James Brands Inc Dividends
Amico Games PNK:AMCG Amico Games Dividends
Amistar PNK:AMTA 0.001 Amistar Dividends
Amiworld Inc PNK:AMWO 0.18 Amiworld Inc Dividends
Ampal American Israel PNK:AMPLQ Ampal American Israel Dividends
Ams Inc PNK:YZSK Ams Inc Dividends
Amtex Bancshares Inc PNK:ATXB Amtex Bancshares Inc Dividends
Analytica Bio - Energy PNK:ABEC Analytica Bio - Energy Dividends
Andalay Solar Inc PNK:WEST Andalay Solar Inc Dividends
Andalusian Resorts And Spas Inc PNK:ARSP Andalusian Resorts And Spas Inc Dividends
Andover Mining PNK:AOVTF 0.009 Andover Mining Dividends
Andover National PNK:AANC Andover National Dividends
Annec Green Refractories PNK:ANNC Annec Green Refractories Dividends
Anpulo Food Development Inc PNK:ANPL Anpulo Food Development Inc Dividends
Antigenics Inc PNK:ANTI Antigenics Inc Dividends
Anv Security Inc PNK:ANVS Anv Security Inc Dividends
Anvia Holdings PNK:ANVV 0.036 Anvia Holdings Dividends
Anviron Holding Co PNK:ANVH Anviron Holding Co Dividends
Apollo Solar Energy Inc PNK:ASOE Apollo Solar Energy Inc Dividends
Apparel Manufacturing Associates Inc PNK:APPM Apparel Manufacturing Associates Inc Dividends
Applied Coatings International Inc PNK:APCT Applied Coatings International Inc Dividends
Applied Neurosolutions Inc PNK:APSN Applied Neurosolutions Inc Dividends
Apptigo International Inc PNK:APPG Apptigo International Inc Dividends
Aq PNK:AQCP Aq Dividends
Aquentium Inc PNK:AQNM Aquentium Inc Dividends
Aquis Communications Inc PNK:AQIS 0.000 Aquis Communications Inc Dividends
Arabella Exploration Inc PNK:AXPLF Arabella Exploration Inc Dividends
Archivalcd Inc PNK:AHCD Archivalcd Inc Dividends
Armada Oil Inc PNK:AOILQ Armada Oil Inc Dividends
Armor Electric Inc PNK:ARME Armor Electric Inc Dividends
Art Boutique Inc PNK:ARTB Art Boutique Inc Dividends
Artec Inc PNK:ATKJ Artec Inc Dividends
Artisanal Brands Inc PNK:AHFP Artisanal Brands Inc Dividends
Arx Gold PNK:DUCP Arx Gold Dividends
Asante Networks Inc PNK:ASTN Asante Networks Inc Dividends
Asante Technologies Inc PNK:ASNL 0.013 Asante Technologies Inc Dividends
Ascendant PNK:ASXXF Ascendant Dividends
Ascendia Brands Inc PNK:ASCBQ 0.003 Ascendia Brands Inc Dividends
Asco Liquidating PNK:ASCL Asco Liquidating Dividends
Asg Technologies Inc PNK:ALLRZ Asg Technologies Inc Dividends
Asia Global Holdings PNK:AAGH 230.9 Asia Global Holdings Dividends
Asia Telecom PNK:ATLJ Asia Telecom Dividends
Asia Time PNK:ATYM 0.000 Asia Time Dividends
Asiana PNK:ASIC Asiana Dividends
Assurance Inc PNK:AMNW Assurance Inc Dividends
Atd New Holdings Inc PNK:AHLDF Atd New Holdings Inc Dividends
Atlantic Central Enterprises PNK:ALCN Atlantic Central Enterprises Dividends
Atlantic Energy Solutions Inc PNK:AESO Atlantic Energy Solutions Inc Dividends
Atlantic Investment Management Inc PNK:ATIB Atlantic Investment Management Inc Dividends
Atlantis Internet PNK:ATIG Atlantis Internet Dividends
Atlantis Plastics Inc PNK:ATPL 0.000 Atlantis Plastics Inc Dividends
Atlantis Technology PNK:ATNP 0.007 Atlantis Technology Dividends
Atlas Technology International Inc PNK:ATLT 0.000 0.000 Atlas Technology International Inc Dividends
Atomic Paintball Inc PNK:ATOC Atomic Paintball Inc Dividends
Attitude Drinks Inc PNK:ATTD Attitude Drinks Inc Dividends
Auction Mills Inc PNK:AUNM Auction Mills Inc Dividends Inc PNK:AUCM Inc Dividends
Aurios Inc PNK:AURZ Aurios Inc Dividends
Aurora Gold PNK:ARXG Aurora Gold Dividends
Aurum Inc PNK:AURM Aurum Inc Dividends
Ausam Energy PNK:ASMFQ Ausam Energy Dividends
Autoco Inc PNK:AOOO Autoco Inc Dividends
Auxillium Energy Inc PNK:AXLM Auxillium Energy Inc Dividends
Av Therapeutics Inc PNK:AVTH Av Therapeutics Inc Dividends
Availent Financial Inc PNK:AVFL Availent Financial Inc Dividends
Avalon Holding Inc PNK:AVLH Avalon Holding Inc Dividends
Avant Diagnostics Inc PNK:AVDX Avant Diagnostics Inc Dividends
Avantair Inc PNK:AAIR Avantair Inc Dividends
Avantogen Oncology Inc PNK:AVTO Avantogen Oncology Inc Dividends
Avatar Systems Inc PNK:AVSM 0.011 Avatar Systems Inc Dividends
Avatex PNK:AVATQ Avatex Dividends
Aventura Equities Inc PNK:AVNE Aventura Equities Inc Dividends
Avisana PNK:AVSA Avisana Dividends
Avondale Resources PNK:ANDL Avondale Resources Dividends
Axesstel Inc PNK:AXST Axesstel Inc Dividends
Axiom PNK:AXMM 0.026 Axiom Dividends
Axiom Holdings Inc PNK:AIOM 0.003 Axiom Holdings Inc Dividends
Axiom Management Inc PNK:AXMA 0.000 Axiom Management Inc Dividends
Axiom Oil And Gas PNK:AXIO Axiom Oil And Gas Dividends
Axtive PNK:AXTC 0.38 Axtive Dividends
Ayers Exploration Inc PNK:AYXE Ayers Exploration Inc Dividends
Aztec Mining PNK:AZTM Aztec Mining Dividends
Aztore Capital PNK:AZCC Aztore Capital Dividends
Azure Dynamics PNK:AZDDQ 0.002 Azure Dynamics Dividends
Badger State Ethanol Llc PNK:BADG Badger State Ethanol Llc Dividends
Baeta PNK:BAEA Baeta Dividends
Bahamas Concierge Inc PNK:BHRG Bahamas Concierge Inc Dividends
Bakken Resources Inc PNK:BKKN Bakken Resources Inc Dividends
Balaton Power Inc PNK:BPWRF Balaton Power Inc Dividends
Bald Eagle Energy Inc PNK:BEEI 0.000 Bald Eagle Energy Inc Dividends
Bally Total Fitness Holding PNK:BLLY 15.8 Bally Total Fitness Holding Dividends
Balqon PNK:BLQN Balqon Dividends
Baltia Air Lines Inc PNK:BLTA Baltia Air Lines Inc Dividends
Baltic International Usa Inc PNK:BISA 0.008 Baltic International Usa Inc Dividends
Banco Nacional De Bolivia Sa PNK:BNBVY Banco Nacional De Bolivia Sa Dividends
Bancpro Inc PNK:BCPO Bancpro Inc Dividends
Bank Holdings PNK:TBHS Bank Holdings Dividends
Bank Of Ocean City PNK:AOCN Bank Of Ocean City Dividends
Barclay Road Inc PNK:BCLR Barclay Road Inc Dividends
Barrick Lawlers Pty PNK:FORNY Barrick Lawlers Pty Dividends
Barrister Global Services Network Inc PNK:BRTR 0.001 Barrister Global Services Network Inc Dividends
Barter B2b Inc PNK:BRBT Barter B2b Inc Dividends
Bay National PNK:BAYN 0.024 Bay National Dividends
Bci Holding Inc PNK:BHIN Bci Holding Inc Dividends
Beach First National Bancshares Inc PNK:BFNBQ Beach First National Bancshares Inc Dividends
Bear Oil Co PNK:RNBI 0.006 Bear Oil Co Dividends
Bedford Energy Inc PNK:BFDE Bedford Energy Inc Dividends
Behringer Harvard Opportunity Reit I Inc PNK:BHOR Behringer Harvard Opportunity Reit I Inc Dividends
Behringer Harvard Short-term Opportunity Fund I Lp PNK:BHORL Behringer Harvard Short-term Opportunity Fund I Lp Dividends
Beijing Logistic Inc PNK:BJGL Beijing Logistic Inc Dividends
Belle Isle PNK:BILSU Belle Isle Dividends
Beluga Composites PNK:BGCC Beluga Composites Dividends
Ben Ezra Weinstein And Inc PNK:BNEZ Ben Ezra Weinstein And Inc Dividends
Bentley Sports Inc PNK:BESR Bentley Sports Inc Dividends
Bergamo Acquisition PNK:BGMO 0.000 Bergamo Acquisition Dividends
Besra Gold Inc PNK:BSRAF Besra Gold Inc Dividends
Betawave PNK:BWAV 0.004 Betawave Dividends
Beverly Hills Bancorp Inc PNK:BHBCQ 0.000 Beverly Hills Bancorp Inc Dividends
Bgi Inc PNK:BGII Bgi Inc Dividends
Big Time Holdings Inc PNK:BTHI Big Time Holdings Inc Dividends
Big Tree Inc PNK:BIGG 0.002 Big Tree Inc Dividends
Bill The Butcher Inc PNK:BILB 0.008 Bill The Butcher Inc Dividends
Billet Finder Inc PNK:BLTF Billet Finder Inc Dividends
Bingo Nation Inc PNK:BLTO 0.042 Bingo Nation Inc Dividends
Bio Medic PNK:BMDN Bio Medic Dividends
Biocentric Energy Holdings Inc PNK:BEHL Biocentric Energy Holdings Inc Dividends
Biofuels Power PNK:BFLS Biofuels Power Dividends
Biogenex Laboratories PNK:BGNX Biogenex Laboratories Dividends
Biogold Fuels PNK:BIFC Biogold Fuels Dividends
Biolife Remedies Inc PNK:BLRS Biolife Remedies Inc Dividends
Biomedical Technology Solutions Holdings Inc PNK:BMTL Biomedical Technology Solutions Holdings Inc Dividends
Bioneutral Inc PNK:BONU Bioneutral Inc Dividends
Bioshaft Water Technology Inc PNK:BSHF 0.009 Bioshaft Water Technology Inc Dividends
Biosynergy Inc PNK:BSYN Biosynergy Inc Dividends
Biozoom Inc PNK:BIZM Biozoom Inc Dividends
Bitzio Inc PNK:BTZO Bitzio Inc Dividends Inc PNK:BZRT Inc Dividends
Blackcraft Cult Inc PNK:BLCK Blackcraft Cult Inc Dividends
Blackpoll Fleet International Inc PNK:BPOL 0.002 Blackpoll Fleet International Inc Dividends
Blacksands Petroleum Inc PNK:BSPE Blacksands Petroleum Inc Dividends
Blink Technologies Inc PNK:PUNK Blink Technologies Inc Dividends
Blockchain Solutions Inc PNK:BLCS Blockchain Solutions Inc Dividends
Blue Holdings Inc PNK:BLHI 0.020 Blue Holdings Inc Dividends
Blue Planet Research & Technology Inc PNK:BPLT Blue Planet Research & Technology Inc Dividends
Blue Ridge Mountain Resources Inc PNK:BRMR Blue Ridge Mountain Resources Inc Dividends
Blue River Bancshares Inc PNK:BRBI 0.000 Blue River Bancshares Inc Dividends
Blue Star Global Inc PNK:BUSC Blue Star Global Inc Dividends
Bluefire Renewables Inc PNK:BFRE 0.071 Bluefire Renewables Inc Dividends
Bluforest Inc PNK:BLUF Bluforest Inc Dividends
Bmj Medical Management Inc PNK:BONSQ Bmj Medical Management Inc Dividends
Bodyscan PNK:BDYS Bodyscan Dividends
Bohai Pharmaceuticals Inc PNK:BOPH Bohai Pharmaceuticals Inc Dividends
Boldface Inc PNK:BLBK Boldface Inc Dividends
Bolivar Mining PNK:BOLV 0.000 Bolivar Mining Dividends
Bookkeeper International Equities PNK:BKPR Bookkeeper International Equities Dividends
Boston Athenaeum PNK:BAUM Boston Athenaeum Dividends
Boundless PNK:BDLS Boundless Dividends
Bowlero PNK:BAMF Bowlero Dividends
Brasilca Mining PNK:BMNIF Brasilca Mining Dividends
Brightstar Information Technology Inc PNK:BTSR 0.016 Brightstar Information Technology Inc Dividends
Broadcast Live Digital PNK:BFLD Broadcast Live Digital Dividends
Broadspot Wireless Inc PNK:BPOT Broadspot Wireless Inc Dividends
Broadview Networks Holdings Inc PNK:BVWN Broadview Networks Holdings Inc Dividends
Broke Out Inc PNK:BRKO 0.002 Broke Out Inc Dividends
Bthc X Inc PNK:BTXI Bthc X Inc Dividends
Bthc Xiv Inc PNK:BXII Bthc Xiv Inc Dividends
Buccaneer Energy PNK:BCCR Buccaneer Energy Dividends
Bunker Hill Mining PNK:BHLL 22.4 Bunker Hill Mining Dividends
Burckhardt Compression Holding Ag PNK:BCKDY 784.2 Burckhardt Compression Holding Ag Dividends
Burford Capital PNK:BRFRF 1,465 4.69 Burford Capital Dividends
Burke Mining Co PNK:BKMG Burke Mining Co Dividends
Burn Entertainment PNK:BTVN Burn Entertainment Dividends
Business Development Of America PNK:BDVC Business Development Of America Dividends
Business Marketing Services Inc PNK:BMSV 0.76 Business Marketing Services Inc Dividends
Cabo Catoche PNK:MDRA Cabo Catoche Dividends
Cadre Resources PNK:CDRUF Cadre Resources Dividends
Cala PNK:CCAA Cala Dividends
Caleminder Inc PNK:CMND Caleminder Inc Dividends
Calhoun Bankshares Inc PNK:CHBK Calhoun Bankshares Inc Dividends
Caliber Energy Inc PNK:CLBN Caliber Energy Inc Dividends
Calibre Energy Inc PNK:CABE Calibre Energy Inc Dividends
Calico PNK:CAGP Calico Dividends
Calissio Resources Inc PNK:CRGP 0.010 Calissio Resources Inc Dividends
Call Now Inc PNK:CLNW Call Now Inc Dividends
Callkey International Inc PNK:CKYI Callkey International Inc Dividends
Calypte Biomedical PNK:CBMC Calypte Biomedical Dividends
Cambridge Holdings PNK:CDGD Cambridge Holdings Dividends
Can-cal Resources PNK:CCRE 3.67 Can-cal Resources Dividends
Canadian Aerospace International Inc PNK:CASG Canadian Aerospace International Inc Dividends
Canadian Cannabis PNK:CCAN 1.48 Canadian Cannabis Dividends
Canary Resources Inc PNK:CYRR Canary Resources Inc Dividends
Cannasys Inc PNK:MJTK 0.39 Cannasys Inc Dividends
Cannon Exploration Inc PNK:CNEX Cannon Exploration Inc Dividends
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