Cash to Assets Ratio

The Cash to Assets Ratio is a measure of the proportion of a company's Assets that are made up of Cash and Short Term Investments. It is calculated as Cash divided by Total Assets. It is measured using the most recent Balance Sheet available.

Stockopedia explains Cash / Assets

This metric is more commonly used to analyse funds and investment trusts. If a fund has a high proportion of its Assets sat in Cash, this is an indication that the manager is not investing all available funds.

Returns are likely to suffer as a result, though this may simply be expressive of the manager’s opinion on the direction of financial markets.

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The 5 highest Cash / Assets Stocks in the Market

TickerNameCash / AssetsStockRank™
LON:BGLFBlackstone Loan Financing99.99%88
LON:ADMRAdmiral Acquisition99.93%5
LON:KLSOKelso group99.91%31
LON:GIFGulf Investment Fund99.77%85
LON:TFIFTwentyFour Income Fund98.93%94