Market Capitalisation

The Market Cap is the most popular measure of a company's size - or specifically its total equity valuation. It is calculated by multiplying the current Share Price by the current number of Shares Outstanding. This field is stated in US Dollars.

Stockopedia explains Mkt Cap

Market Capitalisation only takes into account the value of the company's shares (equity), it ignores the amount of debt a company may have taken on. The Enterprise Value adds the net debt to the Market Cap and can be a better indicator of the minimum amount that an acquiring company may have to pay to buy the firm outright.

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The 5 highest Mkt Cap Stocks in the Market

TickerNameMkt CapStockRank™
LON:HSBAHSBC Holdings$160,842.0394
LON:RIORio Tinto$107,332.4189