Operating Profit Margin

The Operating Profit Margin is a measure of how much income a company has left after paying its Operating Costs such as Rent and Salaries. It is calculated as Operating Profit divided by Revenue. This is measured on a TTM basis.

Stockopedia explains Op Mgn

A healthy operating margin is required for a company to be able to pay for its fixed costs, such as interest on debt.

A company's operating margin is most meaningfully compared against other companies in its own industry, as they will likely share similar cost structures.

It is a good way to compares the quality of a company's activity to its competitors, specifically the company's pricing strategy and operating efficiency.

This is measured on a TTM basis.

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The 5 highest Op Mgn Stocks in the Market

TickerNameOp MgnStockRank™
LON:DCIDCI Advisors8689.810
LON:IX.I (X) Net Zero2105.3251
LON:BSIFBluefield Solar Income Fund1410.0950
LON:FSFLForesight Solar Fund963.0770