Price Target Change

The 1 Month Price Target Change is the percent change in the broker price target over the past month.

Stockopedia explains Price Target Change

Broker targets and recommendations as to whether clients should buy, sell or hold stocks are widely reported in the media. Despite this, the value of these recommendations is hotly debated as broker recommendations have historically exhibited a strong upward bias.

Researchers Jegadeesh, Kim, Krische and Lee found that the average analyst rating over the 1985 to 1999 period was close to a buy recommendation and sell or strong sell recommendation made up less than 5% of all recommendations. This is because most sell-side analysts work for brokerage houses which often have strong investment banking franchises, creating a potential conflict of interest when firms act as investment bankers to the companies their analysts cover.

Nevertheless, the consensus price target can be a useful benchmark of market sentiment around a given stock - it may also be used as a contrarian signal by value investors.

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The 5 highest Price Target Change Stocks in the Market

TickerNamePrice Target ChangeStockRank™
ASX:CLACelsius Resources11400.0041
LON:REVBRevolution Beauty2792.5652
LON:ZEGZegona Communications422.2235
EPA:AL2SI2Crsi SA277.2776
NSI:ACEAction Construction Equipment231.0380