Price vs Moving Average

This measures how far the last close price is from the 50 Day Moving Average. This is calculated as (Close Price - 50 Day MA) / 50 Day MA * 100.

Stockopedia explains Price vs MA

The 50 Day Moving Average is a stock price average over the last 50 days which often acts as a support or resistance level for trading. The moving average will always trail the price by its very nature. As prices are moving up, the moving average will be below the price, and when prices are moving down the moving average will be above the current price.

If the short term (50 day) Moving Average breaks above the long-term (200 Day) Moving Average, this is known as a Golden Cross, whereas the inverse is known as a Death Cross. As long-term indicators carry more weight, the Golden Cross may indicates a bull market on the horizon and is usually reinforced by high trading volumes.

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The 5 highest Price vs MA Stocks in the Market

TickerNamePrice vs MAStockRank™
LON:GCMGCM Resources60.8437
LON:ANGSAngus Energy49.7737