The StockRank™ provides a simple but effective system to discover higher expected return shares. It is an equally weighted combination of the ValueRank, QualityRank and MomentumRank. These three basic ranks are computed for every company in the market on a daily basis, summed and then re-ranked as a percentile from 0 (worst) to 100 (best).

Stockopedia explains Stock Rank™

The StockRank is based upon the three of the strongest 'anomalies' in finance. Quality (risky stocks don't pay), Value (cheap stocks beat expensive stocks) and Momentum (winners beat losers). These factors are somewhat uncorrelated which means that when one zigs, another zags, so a blended approach that incorporates all three has been proven to lead to higher stock market returns with lower risk.

We discuss the StockRank in more detail here.

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The 5 highest Stock Rank™ Stocks in the Market

TickerNameStock Rank™StockRank™
NSQ:GRINGrindrod Shipping Holdings100100
BIT:SRSSaras SpA100100
KRX:009970Youngone Holdings Co100100

Variants of Stock Rank™

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