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How did you pick investments before you used Stockopedia?

I have a number of valuation tools and sources that I use.

Has using Stockopedia changed your approach to investing?

I use Stockopedia as an additive valuation tool to a number of other sources. I look at the StockRanks, and they influence further research or a buy/sell decision. I heavily rely on the earnings, margins and returns data, and I set price & RSI alerts for stocks I’m watching. Some of the stock articles are also very useful in finding new small-cap ideas.

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Chris uses Stockopedia to save on research time and allow him to find more ideas

Has Stockopedia impacted your investment results or quality of life?

It has saved me research time which is a positive influence on quality of life. It enables me to look at more ideas and better keep abreast of my current holdings at the same time - which should improve my investment results.

What's your advice for investors that are just starting out?

I think research is the key to successful investing. Finding the time and data to do this effectively is hard. Stockopedia is a large part of the answer for me.

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