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Before Stockopedia, how did you go about finding investments?

I'm a private investor and I have been doing this for longer than I care to remember, more than 30 years.

In what way has Stockopedia changed your approach to investing?

And here I am today, retired - spending probably more time than ever before as I enjoy it a lot - the whole process of investment, Stockopedia really helps me with that. I've only been signed up for 6 months so I'm still learning - theres a lot on it and it has changed my approach quite substantially because I am able to be more disciplined. I'm not just relying on other peoples opinions, I'm able to check them, I'm able to look at the metrics and in particular now that I am retired I have a certain level of risk aversion. Stockopedia is a great way to show the red flags to possibly cause me to reconsider an investment when there are risks. Stockopedia actually makes the experience, if anything more enjoyable because it's a lovely website. It works well - I'm still finding things that I didn't know were on there about it. It just makes the whole experience fun.

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