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How did you pick investments before you used Stockopedia?

I used investing magazines to generate ideas, and then a spreadsheet to screen beyond that. I would then do a deeper review if it looked interesting.

Has using Stockopedia changed your approach to investing?

Yes: 1) it has enabled me to build much more sophisticated screens. 2) I am able to screen many more companies. 3) while I still read investing publications, I am also confident generating my own ideas from the screens and then researching them 4) I also get ideas from the discussion boards - especially the daily Small Cap Value Report 5) When I have identified something I want to research more closely, I use Stockopedia to drill down on the detail - the layout makes it really easy to do so.

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Robert uses Stockopedia to help screen the market and find ideas

Has Stockopedia impacted your investment results or quality of life?

My results have definitely improved. For me that is down to Stockopedia and the fact that I have stopped working full-time, so that I have more time to research. When I was working full-time I was missing opportunities as I didn't have time to research them.

I cannot recommend Stockopedia highly enough to investors.

What's your advice for investors that are just starting out?

  • Join your company pension and make sure you are taking all the money that is available. For example, many companies will match payments up to a certain amount.
  • Set up some kind of regular investment plan into an index fund/ETF first.
  • Use your ISA allowance if you can.
  • Read something on investment basics (I remember reading "Investment for Dummies" when I started out) that gives you the basics on balance sheets, cashflow statements etc.
  • Find a regular publication/discussion board that works for you - remember that people are much generally keener to tell you about their successes than their failures!
  • When you have amassed some money in your index fund, think about making your own investment choices - maybe start with 10% in two shares.
  • Make sure you can deal with losses emotionally - be honest with yourself.
  • Focus on keeping losses small - use alerts and stick to them.
  • Make sure you enjoy the investment process.

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