Chart the performance of the Stockopedia StockRanks since their launch in 2013.

Rules and Disclaimers:

We try to make these StockRank performance results as accurate as possible but please note the following :

1. Data: To minimise common backtesting biases, we use the actual data that was published on the Stockopedia website at each rebalancing date. All stocks that have delisted are also included in results. We try to make our data archiving as accurate as possible, but data errors can and do occur - please contact us if you see anomalous results.

2. Dates: To build portfolios we use data batches as close to the end of each quarter as we have available. As we continue to bring more data batches into the backtester from our archives the performance charts may be liable to change.

3. Prices: All portfolios are rebalanced at the next available close price after each data batch publication date. Our studies currently show minor performance differences between the use of open or close prices - we may make the choice configurable in future.

4. Costs: We do not include any transaction costs or bid-ask slippage in the calculations - more frequent rebalancing periods may generate better theoretical performance results, but could incur greater transaction costs in real world trading.

5. Dividends: Dividend payments are not included in performance calculations - higher ranking quantiles in general have higher average dividend yields so we would expect higher total returns in higher quantiles than published.

6. Splits: We are vigilant about finding splits and consolidations - but occasionally they can be missed by our data provider and skew results. If you do see any anomalous charts please contact us using the green button and we will fix.

7. Micro-caps: Anomalous share price prints & errors in micro capitalisation stocks can at times skew the results of an entire quantile bucket. We preset our tests at Market caps of > £10m to minimise these issues but please beware in your own tests and notify us of any issues.

8. Disclaimer: Past performance is not indicative of future returns. Please do your own research & consult professional investment advice when using Stockopedia. Please do refer to the Terms & Conditions when using the Stockopedia website.

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