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Two reasons to look twice at Olympia Financial (TSE:OLY)


The Olympia Financial (TSE:OLY) share price is currently trading at C$62.4. But given the uncertain economic outlook, the question now is what the future holds for it. To try and predict where the Olympia Financial price will head next...


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Quality and value are positive signs for Linamar

Consumer Cyclicals

Shares in Linamar (TSE:LNR) are currently trading at C$56.8 but a key question for investors is how geopolitical and economic turmoil will continue to affect the price. Part of the answer comes down to judging whether the stock is well...


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Factors that could move the Pason Systems share price


A question likely to be on the minds of a lot of investors right now is how heightened geopolitical and economic concerns will affect mid-cap shares like Pason Systems (TSE:PSI).  Shares in Pason Systems are currently trading at C$14.2...


Image related to an article about Lundin Mining

Is the Lundin Mining share price too low?

Basic Materials

Good shares at cheap prices are what the very best investors look for. At this time of economic turmoil, could Lundin Mining (TSE:LUN) be one of them? When it comes to the proven drivers of stock market profits, "good" and "cheap" is s...


Image related to an article about Spin Master

Where next for the Spin Master share price?

Consumer Cyclicals

Shares in Spin Master (TSE:TOY) are currently trading at C$43.3 but a key question for investors is how economic uncertainty might affect the price in the months to come. The answer comes down to judging whether Spin Master is well pla...


Image related to an article about Hammond Power Solutions

Can Hammond Power Solutions resist market uncertainty?


Some stocks are better placed than others to withstand the economic turmoil - but is Hammond Power Solutions (TSE:HPS.A) one of them? To understand why different shares respond to uncertainty in different ways, it pays to look at their...


Image related to an article about Methanex

Two factors the market might be missing with Methanex

Basic Materials

Buying quality merchandise when it's on sale is a stock market strategy used by some of the greatest investors in the world - including Warren Buffett. After the turmoil we've seen over the past year or so, there are signs that stocks...


Image related to an article about Patriot Battery Metals

Will Patriot Battery Metals's price keep rising?

Basic Materials

Studies by leading experts into the power of price momentum show that stocks with the strongest price trends can potentially keep up the pace for anywhere up to one year. A big part of the reason for this is down to investor psychology...


Image related to an article about Journey Energy

Which way is the Journey Energy share price trending?


Despite economic uncertainty, shares in Journey Energy (TSE:JOY) have been in an uptrend in recent months. The question now for investors is whether that price strength will continue. Finding stocks with the potential to break-out as t...


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