Our Journey

Stockopedia is here to help investors win. Here's how we've been doing it…


With subscribers in more than 69 different countries, we open a local presence in Australia. Led by well-known market educators Elio D’Amato and Chris Batchelor they bring many decades of experience in the Australasian market to help serve subscribers in the region.


We launch a beautiful new platform for private investors in the UK and Worldwide, introducing a raft of new features including mobile & tablet versions. We make our first corporate acquisition - Company REFS.


The service continues to attract acclaim. We sweep the board at the Mello and Shares Awards for Favourite Share Research Platform and Best Investment Software. Our new cutting-edge platform moves into private beta ahead of a 2019 release. The team grows to 25.


We launch a groundbreaking classification system for equities - RiskRatings & StockRank Styles. Stunning new HTML5 Stock Charts, with cloud storage for personal settings, annotations and technical analysis studies are also launched. On further sales traction, we raise an additional £1.25m with significant further investments by the Board.


We extend our coverage across Canada and Asia Pacific, including Australia, Hong Kong, Singapore and Japan. A unique and fully pan-global equity research platform is established. We win the Shares award for Best Investment Software.


We start on an ambitious ground-up rebuild of the service from scratch to make it faster, mobile friendly and generally more awesome. Membership grows through 5,000.


We redesign our logo and branding, acquire and move to the Stockopedia.com domain & crack our first show as a large exhibitor. We launch USA coverage, bringing an unprecedented depth of research to 10,000 Nasdaq, NYSE and OTC stocks. The team grows to 12.


We launch the StockRanks™. The first time factor investing had been made simple for online stock market investors. The team grows to 8. We extend our coverage & StockRanks™ to pan-European equities. The first time European equity research had been made available to UK investors.


We launch the Stockopedia premium service, the UK's first online stock market subscription data service. The Financial Times reviews it immediately and loves it, describing the StockReports as 'beautifully designed' and 'an absolute delight'. With significant sales traction in the UK market we raise another £450k to bolster product development, marketing and team.


We borrow some desks at a friend's hedge fund and make our first Indian engineering hires. The ambition to build a world-class stock market database & screening system is fledgling, but alive.


After a year of research & competitive coding, we launch a bare-bones blog & discussion board on the domain Stockopedia.co.uk. With growing usage and the vision to build a unique, factor investing service we raise £450k from like-minded private investors. The team grows to 4.


After some rough experiences in the financial crisis, Ed Croft and Dave Brickell begin exploring what they can do on the web.